Wurkr Launches virtual workplace for startups

Annil Chandel - Boldter Innovation

Wurkr Launches virtual workplace for startups

SaaS Digital Workplace’s unique programme


Wurkr programme will enable startups perform to the best of their capabilities, says Annil Chandel, CEO and Co-Founder.

LONDON/ BANGALORE, Feb 23 (The CONNECT) -  Wurkr, an immersive SaaS Digital Workplace application enabling collaboration and productivity while working from anywhere, has announced an innovative programme for startups around the world.

Using this programme, companies can enjoy premium features such as adding up to 50 team members to their Wurkr workplace, having up to 10 people in a video meeting, enjoying real-time chat, screen sharing, grid view, room lock, 2000 video minutes per month, customer support, and multiple screen sharing. 

Wurkr is aimed at enhancing productivity and focuses on employee engagement while helping organizations build their company culture across distributed and remote teams.

The company offers customizable workspaces, with a virtual environment allowing everyone into the same room and simulating a physical workspace. Further, real-time chats, screen-share and video conferencing through Wurkr enable better collaboration while allowing startups to explore new ways of working together. Wurkr is focused on boosting productivity across the board and enables happy teamwork and enhanced productivity.

According to Annil Chandel, CEO and Co-Founder, Wurkr, “We started Wurkr with the aim of enabling hybrid work and ensuring that employees can collaborate efficiently during all workstyles. Collaboration and consistent communication are especially necessary for startups and this is why we have created a plan specifically targeting their requirements. Wurkr believes that it is important to promote startups to bolster innovation and this program will surely bridge all workstyle gaps and enable startups to perform to the best of their capabilities.”

Under the initiative, Wurkr will offer its USD 999 annual plan at a massive discount, allowing startups to access the same services at USD 99. Companies can qualify for the programme if they are less than five years old, have funding less than $5M and their employee strength is below 50.

Wurkr is committed to creating digital products that are shaping the future of the workspace. The company has strongly championed a ‘work from anywhere' approach for businesses of all sizes, as a way to support employee engagement, wellbeing, and successful work-life integration by connecting distributed teams through advanced video technology and more.

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