We Founder Circle to fund over 40 startups

Neeraj Tyagi-

We Founder Circle to fund over 40 startups

Focus on education & health care

In the current troublesome times, the ambitious plans from WFC come as a cheer to the ecosystem

NEW DELHI, May 17 (The CONNECT) - We Founder Circle (WFC), a founders-led seed fund platform, has said it will fund over 10 startups within the first quarter of the financial year. The platform aims to facilitate around USD $750K worth of funds for the startups during the quarter. In the current troublesome times, when the fundraise for early stage startups is not in a fuelled state, the ambitious plans from WFC come as a cheer to the ecosystem. The platform infused around USD 50K- USD 150K amount in early-stage startups that are fuelled with ambition, sustainability, and strategic approach.

In the current quarter, the platform plans to focus on startups based on - edtech, food tech, fintech, health etc.

“Being an early stage startup investor, we understand that budding startups need our support now more than ever. The pandemic has raised the very question of survival for many, including the early stage startups. In the scenario like this, only a founder can understand the daily challenges another startup founder goes through. Given this very reason, we have been able to connect renowned founders including - Ashutosh of Beardo, Ankit Mehrotra of Dine Out, Akash of Zypp Electric, Kushang of SupplyNote, Sujata Ex Co-Founder of SuperButtom, Apaksh of One Impression  etc, who have angel invested & mentored other new startups in this stage, through the WFC platform,” said Neeraj Tyagi- Co-founder and CEO, We Founder Circle.

He said “We are going as per our plan until now, targeting over 40 startups to fundraise deals by the end of 2021-22 financial year. Also, we are planning to launch a global accelerator programme too, in order to catalyse the growth of the domain.”

The startup had already facilitated funds worth USD 1.5M across 16 startups by the end of March 2021. Out of which 10 startups were funded in the first quarter of the year itself. The brand currently has over 1500 angels on its platform from India and abroad.

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