Watch out for BollyJammers!

Gaurav the hype creator takes the centre stage

Watch out for BollyJammers!

Entertainer Gaurav’s DJ-based band

Founder Gaurav Roda says, “Music is that element which helps one connect with the audience”

NEW DELHI, Oct 13 (The CONNECT) - Having crossed phenomenal milestone in the entertainment segment during his 17 years of experience in the industry, this flamboyant multitalented model, anchor, Emcee and RJ Gaurav Roda has ventured into yet another unexplored segment with the launch of BollyJammers – India’s first ever DJ-based band.

As the lead face of BollyJammers, Gaurav Roda has donned the role of hype creator and lead vocalist of the band.

The band has worked across the globe and performed in prominent destinations such as Dubai, Thailand, Bahrain and Kathmandu.

Roda said, “Music is that element which helps one connect with the audience and at the same time elevates the experience of the guests present in an event. It is one of the surest methods to make the event a successful affair. Hence, I came up with BollyJammers which will take this elevating experience to the next level.”

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