Unlocking Value During Lockdown

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Unlocking Value During Lockdown

They seized opportunity in pandemic crisis

A snapshot of heath infra companies that did well when the rest of the world was in crisis

Rapidly evolving medical technology and explorations for organic substitutes, as well as the availability of modern diagnostic and treatment tools, has altered the way healthcare is provided across the world. The healthcare industry is reinventing itself at a very fast pace, seeking to develop, innovate, and adapt refined versions of- both products and services.

A little push and change of trajectory were bestowed upon by the novel coronavirus too. The pandemic unravelled the long existing gaps in the crippled healthcare infrastructure in the country and lifted the significance of natural immunity and organic healthcare practices.

During the pandemic itself, a lot of potential entrepreneurs set onto the journey to introduce solutions to the overlooked areas, and this gave rise to the new age models in alternate healthcare, conscious healthcare, and mental and emotional wellness areas primarily.

Some of the top players that have rose to success following the lockdown are:

Glamyo Health

Glamyo Health is an asset-light healthcare Startup operating in the field of elective surgeries. Started by Archit Garg and Dr Preet Pal Thakur, Glamyo Health is providing its services in 250+ pin codes across 16 cities. The brand specializes in minimally invasive elective and cosmetic surgeries, including Laser proctology treatments, Laparoscopic surgeries, and Circumcision. The value propositions of Glamyo Health include complete price transparency, zero-cost financing options, and administrative support. It makes sure that the patient’s entire journey - from admission to discharge; even Insurance paperwork is completely hassle-free. More details


Avni is a young start-up focused on holistic menstrual care in India. It offers conscious menstrual care products designed by women for women including natural organic cotton pads, washable organic cloth panty lines, washable antimicrobial cloth-based pads, intimate wipes etc. They take a modern approach to the time tested, ancient ways of managing menstrual cycles with high quality, natural ingredients you can trust. On top of it they also run a 24X7 period helpline for women to spread awareness around good menstrual care practices. More details


LISSUN is a platform in India that provides end-to-end solutions in mental and emotional health. Awareness, Acceptance, Anonymity, Access, Affordability, and Assurance are the values they cherish and work on. LISSUN helps people meet their mental and emotional wellbeing requirements. Their goal is to improve the lives of millions of individuals by providing psychological help in all parts of their lives. More details


Nua makes 100% safe and thoughtful solutions for every single woman when it comes to women's wellness. The brand provides clean & holistic care through a wellness platform that has great products, an impactful community, and personalised experiences. Nua products have it all - toxin-free, 100% safe ingredients, designs suited to your life. The platform offers a wide range of products including sanitary pads, intimate care products, personal care products etc. More details


Janani is a holistic, digital healthcare platform that effectively combines technology with medical expertise to provide affordable, convenient, end-to-end solutions focused on sexual wellness and reproductive health. More details

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