TiE Hyd to push startups in T-State

TiE beyond Hyderabad - Suresh Raju

TiE Hyd to push startups in T-State

New president Suresh Raju’s agenda

TiE Hyderabad will launch a new programme in 2022 to connect and build startup ecosystems in Tier 2 & 3 cities

HYDERABAD, Jan 2 (The CONNECT) - TiE Hyderabad, the global entrepreneurial network, has announced that Suresh Raju has taken over the reins as Chapter President with effect from the New Year Day. Raju is the Founding Managing Partner, Jupiter Alternative Investment Fund that invests into equities and equity-related securities using a proprietary quantitative investment model to maximize risk adjusted returns. He was Vice President, TiE Hyderabad in the year 2021.

Setting the agenda for TiE Hyderabad in 2022, Raju said, “TiE Hyderabad will continue to play a key role in engaging local entrepreneurial ecosystem through well-known TiE programs like MentorAdvisor, Investor Connect, TiE Women, Knowledge Series, Leadership Series, Open Mic, TiE Grad, TiE Young Entrepreneurs, TiE-SNC Israel.”

Commenting on how TiE Hyderabad plans to impact startups in the year 2022, he said, “Entrepreneurs are germinating new businesses in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities faster than ever before, and TiE Hyderabad intends to support them by enabling mentoring and knowledge sharing, networking, funding and facilitating customer connections in new markets. Expanding beyond Hyderabad to work with startups across Telangana is the need of the hour. We will launch a new program in 2022 to connect and build startup ecosystems in Tier 2 & 3 cities.”

Welcoming Raju as the new President of TiE Hyderabad, Manohar Reddy, past president, Founder  and CEO of Feuji Inc. said, “The Chapter conceptualized and organized the TiE Sustainability Summit  2021. We created a new record with 42,000 registrations and 17,000 attendees. The Chapter looks forward to Suresh’s leadership to further TiE’s mission in fostering entrepreneurship.”

Apar from Raju as the president, the new Board has Rashida Adenwala, Founder Partner, R&A Associates as the Vice President; Manohar Reddy as Past President. The other board members for 2022 include Annapragada Venkateswara Rao,  Investor & Business Mentor;  Dr. Balaji Bhyravbhatla Managing Director, HyLasCo Bio-Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd.;  Bhat Dittakavi, Founder, CEO, Data Scientist, Variance Ai;  JT Rao, Chairman & MD, winAMR Systems Pvt Ltd; Ranvijay Lamba, MD & Country Head, Arcesium India;  Ravi Chennupati Chairman and Managing Director Ezone Security Solutions;  Sharlin Thayil Co-Founder & CEO, Business Director View360 Technologies, Carnegie Technologies; Narasimhan Venkatesh, Sr. Director-Engineering, Silicon Labs; Venkat Kamalakar Bundla, Founder and MD, Garphi Biosciences Pvt Ltd.

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