Startups Can Scaleup The RICH Way

RICH, the way forward - Ajit Rangnekar

Startups Can Scaleup The RICH Way

3-month prog to be anchored by IITH

Programme to help startups fine scalable market opportunities, says Ajit Rangnekar, Director General of RICH.

HYDERABAD, July 21 (The CONNECT) - RICH (Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad), T-Incubators and Accelerators consortium have launched the Mission 10X - SIGs, a 3-month joint scaleup programme for early-stage research connected startups.

The programme offered to startups coming out of research incubators and accelerators, will facilitate market strategy, corporate market reviews, customer connects and funding opportunities. The collaborative initiative will support the startup ecosystem by working with research connected startups from several incubators and accelerators within Telangana and outside.

All the shortlisted startups will go through 3 months of mentoring to review their product strategy, overall go-to-market approach and corporate pitch readiness and refine these elements to address present business climate and constraints. The programme also offers a 10-lakh-rupee fund support for the selected startups and will culminate in significant market impact and growth.

“The challenge that most research startups face is in identifying those scalable market opportunities for their solution,” said Ajit Rangnekar, Director General of RICH.

“This program addresses these challenges through a collective state-wide effort,” he said.

This programme in its first pilot will target DeepTech and MedTech domains. To be anchored by CIE-IIIT Hyderabad and IKP, in association with AIC-CCMB, BITS TBI &iTIC-IIT Hyderabad.  With RICH and T-Hub enabling the corporate connects.

“This collective initiative by the ecosystem will greatly help the early revenue research-led  startups. This is second such initiative by T-Incubators and Accelerators Consortium, after Rejig-Hydstartups in 2020," said Deepanwita Chattopadhyay, Chairman & CEO of IKP.

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