Rs 5 Cr Icing On Naomi’s Cake

Kanthi with the cheff couple

Rs 5 Cr Icing On Naomi’s Cake

Kanthi Dutt invests in Cheff Couple

Nikhitha and Akash, Ex-ITC Chef Couple, To Open 1st Outlet At Hyderabad

BENGALURU, Dec 21 (The CONNECT) - Kanthi Dutt, a 22-year-old renowned entrepreneur & the co-founder of SustainKart, has invested Rs Five crores in Naomi Patisserie & Bakehouse, founded by Chef couple Nikitha and Akash.

The funding will enable Naomi to launch its first retail outlet in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The Patisserie and Cafe will serve some delectable pastries, entremets, sourdough pizzas, gourmet food, amongst many others.

Nikhitha & Akash, former chefs at ITC Group, hope to revolutionize the baking industry by fusing state-of-the-art global cooking techniques with Indian ingredients.

Commenting on the investment, Kanthi Dutt, an entrepreneur and investor, said, "I have always had a fondness towards the food and beverage industry, more so for baking. I am excited to collaborate with Nikitha & Akash to help strengthen their positioning. They have created a top-notch product line that blends seamlessly into the growing gourmet market. My investment will allow Naomi Patisserie to increase production capacity and expand distribution nationwide immediately.”

Chef Nikitha said, "Words cannot express the joy this new milestone brings me. I have gratitude towards everyone involved in bringing what Chef Akash and I once envisioned to life. A big part of the thank you goes to Kanthi, and I believe in serendipity now. We can't wait to welcome you all into Naomi soon.”

Nikitha, with a brewing passion for baking and in complete awe of Masterchef Australia since childhood, went on to represent India at Bocuse'dor (a world-renowned Chefs competition in Singapore). Inspired by many International Chefs, Akash followed his grandfather’s footsteps. With professional mentoring from veterans, he developed a zest for the art of culinary.

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