‘Pad Couple’ Offer Hygienic Cloth Alternatives @ Rs 2

Sujata of Avni

‘Pad Couple’ Offer Hygienic Cloth Alternatives @ Rs 2

Anvi Plans To Reach Out To 75,000 Women In AP, Telangana

Avni’s products have been designed to prioritize safety and comfort, resulting in a smooth and irritation-free experience

NEW DELHI, June 27 (The CONNECT) - Feminine care and hygiene startup Avni has announced aggressive plans to expand its footprints into the vibrant states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to reach an impressive target of 75,000 customers this fiscal from the current 10,000.

Avni’s flagship products, reusable cloth pads, and reusable panty liners have gained significant popularity among the menstruating population in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. These two products account for a whopping 60% of Avni’s sales in the region, demonstrating their effectiveness and appeal. The brand’s disposable cotton-based pads are equally favoured by local women, contributing to 30% of the brand’s sales. Collectively, these three product categories account for an impressive 90% of Avni’s sales in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The popularity of Avni’s products can be attributed to various factors. Notably, these reusable alternatives offer long-term cost savings, with each usage costing as low as ₹2 for cloth pads and ₹1 for panty liners. Additionally, Avni’s products have been designed to prioritize safety and comfort, resulting in a smooth and irritation-free experience during periods. Customers have reported no rashes or discomfort, further establishing Avni as a trusted brand in the region.

Sujata Pawar- Co-Founder, Avni- a menstrual healthcare startup said “Avni is more than just a feminine hygiene brand; it’s a movement towards empowering women and redefining menstrual care. As we extend our presence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we are dedicated to creating a lasting impact in the lives of women across the region. Through our innovative products and unwavering commitment, we strive to inspire confidence, promote sustainability, and revolutionize the way women perceive and experience their menstrual cycles. Through this strategic expansion effort and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we also anticipate substantial traction in terms of revenue growth”

In an effort to expand its reach in the two Telugu States, Avni plans advertising campaigns, collaborations with local influencers, participation in community events and increased online presence through social media platforms and e-commerce channels.

Founded by the husband-wife duo Sujata Pawar and Apurv Agrawal in April 2021 in Thane near Mumbai Avni offers well-researched, innovative, tested products that are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

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