Nirvasa Now Offers Hair & Diabetes Care

Nirvasa Now Offers Hair & Diabetes Care

Digital Health Clinic Has 200 Docs

Nirvasa offers expertise across 5 specialities with 23 personalised treatments, says Amitoz Singh, startup Founder & CEO.

GURUGRAM, June 18 (The CONNECT) – Digital health care startup Nirvasa has forayed into Hair Care and Diabetes Care.

Leveraging their progress in Sexual Wellness and Weight Management, where they have witnessed a consistent annual growth rate of 15% and provided healthcare solutions to over 8 million patients, Nirvasa continues to address the evolving healthcare requirements of people nationwide.

Amitoz Singh, Founder & CEO of Nirvasa said "With the introduction of Hair Care and Diabetes Care, Nirvasa further strengthens its position as a one-stop digital healthcare destination. Nirvasa offers expertise across 5 specialities with 23 personalised treatments, ensuring that each patient receives the specialised care they deserve."

With a dedicated team of over 200 skilled doctors and healthcare professionals, Nirvasa aims to meet the diverse health needs of individuals throughout the country.

Hair loss is a widespread issue in India, affecting millions of individuals across all age groups and genders. It is estimated that nearly 70% of Indian men and 40% of Indian women experience some form of hair loss or hair thinning during their lifetime. This alarming trend has prompted Nirvasa to extend its expertise in digital healthcare to cater to specific hair needs.

Through its advanced digital platform, Nirvasa offers convenient access to qualified dermatologists and customised treatments that cover a wide range of hair-related concerns. From hair loss, hair regrowth to dandruff and premature greying, patients can avail themselves of virtual consultations, ensuring privacy and comfort while receiving expert guidance from the comfort of their homes.

India witnesses a significant rise in the prevalence of diabetes, with approximately 77 million adults living with diabetes, making it the country with the second-highest number of diabetes cases globally. Despite the increasing prevalence, there are gaps in awareness, early diagnosis, and management of diabetes. Nirvasa recognises these challenges and is committed to addressing them through its digital healthcare platform.

The digital health clinic offers – convenient access to qualified doctors, remote monitoring, and comprehensive care plans tailored to each patient's specific needs.

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