Encubay startups to get DYT ‘influence’

Partnering for progress: Ankit of DYT & Eashita of Encubay

Encubay startups to get DYT ‘influence’

Collaboration amplifies impact - Eashita Maheshwary of Encubay

Ankit Agarwal of DYT says, Influencer marketing pays

NEW DELHI, June 25 (the CONNECT) - Do Your Thng (DYT), a branded content marketplace, announced its partnership with Encubay, a global diversity-focused startup network to roll out its influencer marketing services for the latter’s clientele.

Encubay brings together investors, entrepreneurs, industry experts and service providers to foster collaboration and growth. The startup network works with women-led businesses across India and globally to provide mentorship, expert access, business resources, trusted offerings, fundraising assistance and corporate connections.

Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng, said, “For startups, the budget is limited, so mega influencers and celebrities are economically prohibitive. But in the same budget, they can team up with dozens, if not hundreds, of micro and nano influencers. Given the depth of their audience size, it enables wider reach, increases traffic and pushes sales to an extent few other tactics can. That’s why 89% of businesses find the ROI from influencer marketing comparable to or better than other marketing channels.”

“Collaboration amplifies impact. We have actively been engaging with various women-led startups, industry experts, investors and corporates to enhance the growth of our portfolio companies. With the intent of enabling frugality without compromising on quality, we bring together some of the best growth partners,” said Eashita Maheshwary, Co-founder, Encubay, on the partnership.

“In addition to having brands like Jio and HSBC on board, we are very excited to embark on this partnership with team DYT that will assist our companies reach their audience through a strong influencer community. It’s definitely going to benefit our teams while we sprinkle our part of diversity into their community. At Encubay, we are what our network is and are delighted to have our DYT on board with us.”, added Eashita.

DYT, a creator-first platform, offers access to branded content at scale to businesses. Its services fall where media buying, social media marketing and content marketing overlap. Acting as a bridge to content creators, influencers and brand advocates, DYT utilises an open brief - content upfront model. The model gives brands better flexibility during digital marketing campaigns, allowing them to choose from a variety and volume of digital content, paying for only the best.

DYT has already worked with upwards of 80 brands, including MasterCard, ITC’s Savlon, Kohler, Lays, Havells, Charmis, Marks & Spencer, Logitech, Hershey’s, Royal Sundaram, Klairs on 100+ campaigns to generate awareness, amplify interest and gain sales.

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