Emagine - virtual experience for BattRE EV

Emagine - virtual experience for BattRE EV

Tech-driven start-up’s unique venture

Engaging experience in physical, digital, and remote selling environments, says Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder and Director of BattRE

NEW DELHI, Feb 12 (The CONNECT) – Following the trends of the changing market post covid, BattRE - a tech-driven EV start-up - has launched its very own AR-based virtual showroom; introducing an era of change in the EV industry. Known as Emagine, the platform uses AR (Augmented Reality) to allow customers to experience, customise and even buy their favourite BattRE scooter, at their convenience.

Nishchal Chaudhary, Founder and Director of BattRE said, “Online retail continues to grow and is booming across industries of all shapes and sizes. And the EV industry is no exception. As this space evolves, so does our larger strategy as a multi-channel manufacturer to provide the most unique and engaging experience in our physical, digital, and remote selling environments.”

Emagine promises to enhance and influence the buyer’s purchase experience. With numerous levels of interactions, the virtual showroom offers a high level of customisation for buyers. It is available for everyone through a tab on the home page of their official website, BattRE.in. Currently limited to their existing models, Love & One, it will soon be expanded to include their upcoming models. “Emagine will be a great aid to the customer in their decision making”, adds Nishchal Chaudhary.

Interestingly, the virtual showroom isn’t the only offering when it comes to customer convenience in the BattRE purchase journey. The automaker’s completely digitised sales system ensures a seamless experience by enabling an easier and swifter after-sales journey.

Adding to the customer’s convenience is yet another digital tool - the BattRE app. Through this app, riders can tap into information like trip histories, locations of recharge stations, get call alerts and navigation assist on the speedometer, and enjoy several other features.

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