Co-Living Start-up Settl reaches Gurugram

Settl Team: Bharath Bhaskar, Abhishek Tripathi, Ashok Reddy Sagar

Co-Living Start-up Settl reaches Gurugram

Clocks 1200 total Beds in 22 facilities

Users can move in to their new place within 30 mins of completing the online sign-up procedure at Settl

GURUGRAM, Jan 12 (The CONNECT) - Settl, a technology-driven managed accommodation platform, has announced its expansion to North India by setting up four new facilities in Gurugram, NCR, offering a total capacity of 200 beds. The accommodation start-up was born out of the need for convenient city living and in a short span of 18 months it has already expanded to 22 properties across 3 cities- Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurugram.

The end-to-end accommodation platform, ensures all amenities inclusive comfortable accommodations to working professionals. Users can move in to their new place within 30 mins of completing the online sign-up procedure. One can easily login to Settl website, select the city, area and preferred format of living. The model is aimed at taking away all the accommodation hassles of people who move to bigger cities to build a city life for themselves, but get burdened with house-hunting and broker traps.

“It is a tedious task for a newbie in the city to scout for safe and comfortable accommodation. The whole process comes with a baggage of broker, agreement, locality, facility, advance etc. Settl comes with the idea of taking away all this inconvenience from an individual’s fresh city experience,” said Ashok Reddy Sagar, Co-Founder, Settl.

Following the overwhelming response in Bangalore, and Hyderabad, the startup is foraying into Gurugram which is a very important urban centre, Sagar said.

Settl is presently operating 1200 beds in total, and is poised to reach 3000 operational beds by Dec 2022. The brand plans to provide 1000 beds by the end of 2022 in Gurugram alone.

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