An Experiment with Seedhi Baat

Brothers in Law firm: Subh (standing) and Sujit Jhas

An Experiment with Seedhi Baat

‘No middlemen, Straight Legal service in pleonastic world’

Legal Salah CEO and Co-Founder Subh Jha explains the firm’s aims, the journey so far and future plans in this exclusive, no-holds barred interview to BizNewsConnect Editor B N Kumar.

In the Indian scenario of lengthy legal proceedings and woefully inadequate business professionals, Legal Salah is a successful experiment. The Company came up with the idea of Legal Salah- an online legal advisory portal - after looking at the faulty and often pleonastic opinions of the lawyer and accountants. With the motive of providing hassle-free online legal, tax, compliance support to start-ups and SMEs who have a limited budget during the initial days of business, Legal Salah gives value for money services.

Excerpts of the Q&A:

BizNewsConneck: When was Legal Salah founded, by whom, and with what aims?

Subh Jha: My brother Sujit and I founded the Legal Salah in November 2015 with the aim of providing people services like accounting, taxation and all other services for various start-up companies so that they do not face any hassle and take it all their solution for their company under one roof. We also aim to exclude mediators between the disadvantaged and the professional and save the time of the former in the process.

BNC: How affordable is the fee structure?

SJ: We have affordable and transparent pricing. It is actually 80% lesser than what others charge to their clients. Most importantly, we have kept our pricing transparent as there is a cost break-up for every service which shows the government fees and our professional fees and it is standardised across the board for every individual as well as corporates irrespective of their size and spread.

There is also a provision for refund in case the inquisitor is not satisfied with the assessment provided, which is a breath of fresh air in the Indian legal scenario. The highlights of the company are the quality of work provided, easy legal accessibility, and timely deliverables.

BNC: What are types of legal advice that you give - across sectors?

SJ: Basically, it’s an umbrella for all tax and legal services. We serve the clients for taxation, corporate compliances, company registration, IPs. We help them in protecting their brands, rating the agreements, in negotiation and litigation services across the sectors including SMCG, SMEs, real estate, individuals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

BNC: What is your team strength? The need for such services is much more in small cities and towns. Any plans to have affiliates there?

SJ: Yes, we do have our channel partners in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Talking about the team strength, over 35 people are currently associated with us and we are planning to expand it to 50+ in near future.

For providing the services in small cities, we have channel partners.

BNC: Are the services available online because it is the new norm, post the pandemic?

SJ: We are legal-tech company majorly operating online. But recently, we have changed our mode of work a bit as we are into a franchisee model now where we are establishing our physical offices in major cities. It is not possible to start physical offices in every city of India; hence, we have picked some major cities trying to cater to at least 5 to 10 tier 2 cities from tier 1 cities.  Keeping this vision in mind, we provide P2P services with our mentors and advisors to individuals and start-ups who need their free consultation counseling before starting their businesses.

BNC: Please give a few case studies of your services rendered and how the clients benefited.

SJ: We truly try our best to help our decent clients. We helped them to reduce the litigation fees, compliances penalties on time and with proper transparency. I can give you names of few clients, but am not allowed to discuss much details, as I have to maintain confidentiality. Hope you understand that.

For instance, Legal Salah has helped Hero Motocorp in the various legal documentation processes. For Sulekha, we helped in drafting various documents, contracts, and agreements.

Legal Salah has been associated with the Oyo Life brand for the background check of the partner hotels and profiling them. Legal Salah has also done the legal documentation between Oyo Life and numerous hotels. Legal Salah arranged to fix the issues of trademark of Duckback. We have also done IP related works for Duckback. Legal Salah handles the accounts and GST related work for Range De Basanti Dhaba and legal matters for Sharbari Studios.

Why do people choose Legal Salah?

SJ: Clients will the best to respond. But I can say that it is because of our transparent deals and No Hidden Charges whatsoever: The company assures its clients a 100% money-back guarantee if the project is not finished within the prescribed time. We also offer Easy EMI option through all Debit and Credit OR other payment gateway options. Most importantly we are 24x7, providing even after-sales service through phone calls and what’s app chats.

BNC: What are the expansion plans?

SJ: Our expansion plan is going to be live in the next two months. We have a plan of an important international extension of Legal Salah in Dubai to help Indians in legal and compliance part to set up business there. We are also planning to open an office in Singapore and help businesses from all over India go for international.

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