Guptaji Invests in Hyderabad

Gupta - opportunity to invest in futuristic start-ups

Guptaji Invests in Hyderabad

To turn Vysya community into startup investors

Plans to help 100 startups to raise funds, says promoter Ravi Teja Gupta

HYDERABAD, July 21 (The CONNECT) - Guptaji Invests, an Angel network of HNIs, NRIs, professionals and traditional business owners, has arrived in Hyderabad.

Ravi Teja Gupta, an entrepreneur-cum-seed investor, said this is India's first Vysya community-based Angel Network and accelerator exclusive for Vysya investors. Vysyas are traditionally businessmen. Business is in their DNA. The new generation, however, is shifting away from family businesses, taking up jobs in the corporate world and holding leadership positions across the globe.  

Guptaji Invests is an opportunity for them to invest in futuristic start-ups with a future full of promises. Guptaji Invests plans to transform Vysya community into startup investors.

It is a brain child of Ravi Teja Gupta who has been in the startup ecosystem for more than a decade. He worked for various startups and invested in a couple of startups personally. He held a key role in the well known FinTech and HealthTech startups.

In India, there are around 30 active angel networks. Startups such as Myntra, Khatabook, Wow! Momo and BharatPe companies like these and many have raised funds from angel networks. Our aim is to be one of the active and happening Angel NetworkS in India, said Ravi Teja Gupta

Guptaji Invests targets to raise Rs 50 lakhs to Rs one crore investment for each startup. “And we would like to support and help 100 startups to raise funds in the first financial year of our operations. Right now we have onboarded ten investors and 30 more investors are already confirmed and are in the process of onboarding. We plan to on board 100 investors in the next one quarter and 500 by the end of the year,” he said.

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