The Business of Elections: Focus on climate crisis vital - Harish Hande of SELCO

The Business of Elections: Focus on climate crisis vital - Harish Hande of SELCO

Bizbuzz has reached out to corporate honchos for their comments on the ongoing election season. Here are the responses from Harish Hande, CEO, SELCO Foundation and Chairman, SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd.

Bizbuzz: How important are the Elections 2019? Do you think the result will shape the nation’s future?

Harish: All elections are important but 2019 is very critical from India’s perspective. It is midway of 2012-2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. India needs to play a very important part in setting the agenda for SDGs and any course corrections thereof. We have the most poor people in the world and some of the biggest climate challenges. India will have to take the leadership - thus these Elections are critical.

Bizbuzz: What should be the priorities of the candidates while addressing the electorate?

Harish: The priority is poverty reduction in a sustainable manner. Climate crisis is at our doorstep - the increased frequency of droughts, and floods have to be taken seriously. India needs to step up as a leader to eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner. Decentralized livelihoods to health care should be the priority of the next government.

Bizbuzz: From a business point of view, what is your suggested agenda for the next government?

Harish: The government should be able to create effective policies to encourage decentralized entrepreneurship in the country - which will lead to true economic democracy. Extremely flexible financial monies (along with R&D) should be allocated to the very underserved small and medium enterprises in the country. Agreed, in the first phase there will be leakages and failures but it will set the tone for the future and lay a foundation for grassroots level business in the country - else we are in danger of going the United States way.

Bizbuzz: Do you think the politicians’ dream of making India an economic super power can be realized?

Harish: We need to be become a sustainable solutions super power in the world. We should be the go-to country for any other developing country in the world.

Bizbuzz: What do you think should be done – from reforms to performance – to speed up economic growth?

Harish: We need to have more failure monies (risk capital - grants and equity) - to encourage more entrepreneurship, risk taking and thus leading to better economic growth. Give the poor a chance to be entrepreneurs and innovators - the country will change.

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