Terribly Tiny Tales Floats Content Academy

Anuj - Will train world class content creators

Terribly Tiny Tales Floats Content Academy

To Connect Talent With Industry

TTT Academy is built to train world-class content creators and storytellers, company founder and CEO Anuj Gosalia said.

MUMBAI, Dec 14 (The CONNECT) - In a bid to connect talent and the content industry, Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has launched its ed-tech vertical, TTT Academy.

Content company TTT which already boasts 4000+ learner alumni, seeks to offer content-learning courses to help aspiring writers upskill, monetise and grow in the thriving digital content landscape.

There is a content creator behind everything one loves on the Internet - be it reels, a brand film, or even push notifications from apps. TTT Academy’s endeavour is to enable learners to write in a manner that connects with the audience for brands, products, films, short videos, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

The TTT Academy has on its roster, some of India’s top writing experts , who have worked with 300+ brands, such as Mondelez, Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Dove and Hershey’s.

Anuj Gosalia, Founder & CEO, TTT said “As AI tools eat at the bottom of the content barrel, a lot of what gets created will start looking alike. Businesses will need a cohort of world-class storytellers and content creators to  keep up with the demand for content and stories that break out. TTT Academy is built to train world-class content creators and storytellers.

The academy instructors include Sanjana Singh (Creative Director, TTT), Anuj Gosalia (Founder and CEO, TTT), Amrit Paul (Brand Collaborations Director, TTT), Hardik Nagar (Creative Director, Supari Studios), and Akhil Unnikrishnan (Head of Copy, Dunzo)

“TTT’s massive community of content creators have been learning from us for years. With TTT Academy, we’re 10x-ing our effort and focusing in this direction. Expect to see courses for screenwriters, copywriters, influencers, graphic designers, editors etc roll out in the next few months,” Gosalia said.

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