SRM-AP gets first patent, research soars high

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SRM-AP gets first patent, research soars high

A Process for Preparing Magnesium Foams

Prof G S Vinod Kumar and the PhD scholar Dipak Nandkumar Bhosale win laurels for SRM-AP

AMARAVATHI, Andhra Pradesh, Sep 17 (The CONNECT) - SRM University-AP has obtained its first patent - A Process for Preparing Magnesium Foams.

This is a novel processing of magnesium alloy foams via molten metal route. Metal foams are the class of novel ultra-lightweight and high strength materials used for engineering structures. Under the light-alloy category, magnesium alloys possess greater challenges to foam. The inventors Prof G S Vinod Kumar and the PhD scholar, under his supervision, Dipak Nandkumar Bhosale from the Department of Mechanical Engineering have come up with a novel process to foam magnesium alloy effectively. The patent was filed on January 14, 2020, and granted on August 16, 2021.

The patent relates to a process for the preparation of closed-cell Magnesium foams using dolomite [CaMg (CO3)2] as a blowing agent (gas source), through a liquid metal route. The inventors have demonstrated economical and naturally occurring mineral dolomite to be an effective blowing agent for preparing magnesium foams and in-situ formed MgAl2O4 (spinel) particles as the stabilizing agent during stabilization of foams.

Even though the Indian Patent Office, as well as patent attorneys and agents, can assist in navigating the legal procedures to see if innovation is patentable; filing and obtaining a patent is a time-consuming and complicated legal process. The Indian Patent Office take a long time to issue or deny a patent application after it is filed.

“It indeed gives a great sense of contentment that the patent grant is obtained in just 16 months from the date of application”, says Prof Vinod sharing his mirth on the achievement. Vice-Chancellor V S Rao and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof D Narayana Rao congratulated Prof Vinod and Mr Dipak for making the research prospects of the university soar high.

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