Large investments must: Mukund Bhogale of Nirlep

Large investments must: Mukund Bhogale of Nirlep

Mukund Bhogale, Wholetime Director, Nirlep Appliances Ltd, responds to Bizbuzz questions on the importance of elections.

Bizbuzz: How important are the Elections 2019? Do you think the result will shape the nation’s future?

MB: The elections are very important and will definitely have a long term impact on the course the country takes whichever way the results go.

Bizbuzz: What should be the priorities of the candidates while addressing the electorate?

MB: I think the twin issues faced by the country today are economic development (infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors along with jobs) and national security.

Bizbuzz: From a business point of view, what is your suggested agenda for the next government?

MB: Large investments in infrastructure; providing agri sector a strong support framework  in which it can become viable, investing in quality education and healthcare, and continuing the governance push to punish the illegal business practices.

Bizbuzz: Do you think the politicians’ dream of making India an economic super power can be realized?

MB: Yes.

Bizbuzz: What do you think should be done – from reforms to performance – to speed up economic growth?

MB: In addition to my reply to point #3, the government must make bold investments in technology in all sectors and encourage innovation and enterprise

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