HCL Foundation Spend Jumps 500% In 5 Yrs

HCL Foundation Spend Jumps 500% In 5 Yrs

HCL Foundation Spend Jumps 500% In 5 Yrs

HCL Foundation sharpens its focus on environmental action with an increased outlay of ₹42 Cr.

MUMBAI, Nov 11 (The CONNECT) - HCL Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of HCLTech, said that in FY 2022 it invested ₹216 Cr across its community programmes representing an increase of 500% from FY 2017. This underscores HCL Tech's deep commitment to supercharging progress for communities where it operates.

During FY 2022, HCL Foundation invested over ₹91 Cr for urban development initiatives and ₹83 Cr for rural development and sharpened its focus on environmental action with an increased outlay of ₹42 Cr. The Foundation's programs span healthcare, sanitation, poverty eradication, education, skilling and livelihoods, environment, and disaster risk reduction, addressing all 17 social development goals outlined by the United Nations. 

To date, HCL Foundation has invested over ₹900 Cr in its community programmes, making it one of the largest corporate interventions in India. HCL Uday, one of the flagship programs of HCL Foundation, was recently recognized by the Government of India with the National CSR Award for its urban poverty alleviation impact. 

C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director, HCL Technologies said: "At HCLTech, we have been guided by our purpose to deliver tangible and sustainable progress for all our stakeholders. In an era of social distancing, HCL Foundation and its partners worked tirelessly with communities to multiply our programme reach by over 12 times since 2016. Our projects are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and monitored with internationally benchmarked processes and structures. We remain committed to the long road ahead, supercharging progress as we spread our impact to more global locations." 

HCL Foundation also released its Annual Report for FY 2022 under the theme 'Source Code in Action'. Inspired by technology, the theme showcases the Foundation's efforts to create high-impact programs that can be source codes for solving socio-economic and environmental problems at scale.

Dr. Nidhi Pundhir Vice President & Director, HCL Foundation, said "In 2011, we had made a promise – to be the source codes of economic-social and environmental development and empower the country's most vulnerable citizens to lead happy, healthy, dignified lives. Eleven years later, our source codes light up lives across 22 states and 3 Union Territories of India. The results speak of the depth and strength of our programs. Co-created and co-implemented in convergence with NGO partners and Government, they fill me with optimism that it is possible to break the cycle of poverty, including environmental poverty, in one lifetime.”

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