Bulldozers on UP mafia

Bulldozers on UP mafia

Yogi says State is now riot-free

Yogi said tells the followers of ‘Chacha jaan’ (Owaisi) and ‘Abba jaan’ - if you spoil the atmosphere, the government knows how to deal with it strictly.

LUCKNOW/KANPUR, Nov 23 (The CONNECT) - Issuing a strict warning against those trying to instigate hatred and riots in the state, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday said that his government has prioritised maintenance of strict law and order as a result of which Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a ‘riot-free’ state.

Addressing the ‘Booth President’s Conference’ at the inauguration of the district headquarters office in Kanpur, Yogi Adityanath said, “Earlier there used to be riots every third or fourth day in the state, but now Uttar Pradesh has the identity of a ‘riot-free’ state. On this occasion, I will ask the followers of ‘Chacha jaan’ (Owaisi) and ‘Abba jaan’ to listen carefully — if you spoil the atmosphere by provoking the feelings of the state, then the government knows how to deal with it strictly.”

He said that Owaisi was trying to instigate people by becoming an agent of the Samajwadi Party (SP). He should keep in mind that now the government is not backing the riots, but the government now runs the bulldozers on the mafia. “Uttar Pradesh is no longer a mafia-dominated state,” he remarked.

The Chief Minister went on to say that the area of ​​Kanpur and Bundelkhand holds important significance, because in the first war of independence (1857), both Jhansi and Bithoor played a crucial role.

“This area could have gained recognition with the presence of natural resources, however, the previous governments looted it and hollowed it out, but today under the leadership of the Prime Minister, this area is progressing towards development,” the CM said.

Criticising the opposition for trading in politics of lies, the Chief Minister said that while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and all our workers served the nation selflessly amid Covid-19 peak, the other political parties chose to save themselves and left the public to their fate. “We worked to save people amid the pandemic by the provision of free testing, free vaccines and free ration. Sankat ka saathi? Bharatiya Janata Party,” added the CM.

“Our only mantra has been to save humanity. Under the leadership of PM Modi, all the issues that the country faced before 2014 were resolved till 2019 and all the promises made are being fulfilled,” the CM said.

Unlike other parties who believe in ‘parivarwad’, BJP has worked without vested interests, said ruling party president JP Nadda.

Nadda on Tuesday asserted that PM Modi has done more for farmers than any farmer leader and targeted the opposition parties, alleging that they believe in family rule and not democracy.

"Many people become leaders of farmers but if someone has done anything for the farmers, it is Modi. Every BJP worker served poor families during the coronavirus period.”

"We get the votes cast for the nation, for the development of the country. We do not get votes for appeasement,” Nadda added.

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