Solar Power For UP Farms, Villages

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with French President Emmanuel Macron at Mirzapur Solar Plant. File pic

Solar Power For UP Farms, Villages

Yogi Thrust On 18 Solar Cities

As UP power consumption is set to shoot up to 53,000 MW with industry boom, CM Yogi calls for alternative energy sources

LUCKNOW, Dec 13 (The CONNECT) - As the consumption of electricity in Uttar Pradesh is predicted to shoot up to 53,000 MW in the next five years and increase at the rate of 16 percent every year, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed officials to focus on creating alternative sources of energy, such as solar power.

Speaking at a meeting on solar energy Yogi said that electricity would play the most important role in making the state a one trillion-dollar economy. It is noteworthy that with investors from both within the country and abroad coming to Uttar Pradesh to invest in the state due to the industry-friendly policies of the Yogi Government, the demand for electricity is likely to rise significantly in the state in near future to run industrial activities.

CM Yogi has, therefore instructed officials to focus on solar energy to meet the increasing demand for electricity and reduce dependence on the conventional thermal and hydro power in order to cut cost of power generation and also control pollution.

The Yogi government has also brought a new Uttar Pradesh Solar Energy Policy-2022, under which many concessions have been given to the investors in the sector. 

The Yogi government will build 18 solar cities in the state to increase the production of solar energy. To begin with, Noida and Ayodhya will be developed as solar cities to be followed by development of 16 municipal corporations of the state.

The CM said  power generated at solar cities will constitute 10 percent of the total power generation in the state. Besides, emphasis was also laid ion increasing solar power generation year after year so that cheap electricity could be made available to the people of UP, including the investors.

In order to increase the production of solar energy, the construction of solar park is going on at a rapid pace in Bundelkhand region. A solar park is being built here, which will produce 4000 MW of electricity daily. Simultaneously, green corridors will be built for the supply of solar energy to various districts of the state. In the first phase, solar energy will be supplied from the electricity feeder meant for agriculture and supply in rural areas. So, solar energy will first illuminate UP’s villages. Along with this, the pumps used for irrigation of the fields will be completely operated with solar energy.

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