Breaking solar power barriers in 4 States

Powr on: Navneet Gupta & Kulbir Singh after signing the MoU

Breaking solar power barriers in 4 States

Servotech signs MoU with Rockefeller arm

Servotech and Smart Power India target to break solar power barriers in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, and Jharkhand

NEW DELHI, Jan 31 (The CONNECT) - High-end solar products company Servotech Power Systems Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Smart Power India, a subsidiary of Rockefeller Foundation for a project to educate communities in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, and Jharkhand.

The partnership has been formalized to raise awareness for the utilization and benefits of solar energy for electrification and well-being that strongly correlates to economic development, welfare and reduction of poverty.

Besides ensuring access to reliable and quality electricity, the MoU has been inked to eliminating the dependence on traditional biomass cookstoves used in the rural areas that exposes families to high levels of indoor air pollution and severe adverse health impacts that result in higher mortality rate or lower life expectancy.

The development comes at a time when the Indian Government is exploring a hybrid model to leverage roof-top solar energy for cooking as part of its ambitious plan to reduce imports of costly fossil fuels and promote induction cooking practices in the rural as well as urban areas.

Servotech’s decision of signing the MoU is in line of its endeavors to play a pivotal role in steering the nation towards a greener and sustainable future and strengthening and accelerating the government’s stride to achieve net-zero emissions ambitions.

Kulbir Singh, Vice President - Sales, Servotech Power Systems Limited said, “the signing of MoU with Smart Power India is in line with our unwavering commitment to contribute to the society, manufacture equipment indigenously in accordance with the government’s Make In India initiative and provide innovative solutions for the betterment of all communities especially in the rural regions.”

With a strategic approach and planning, Servotech being a leader with a legacy of over two decades in commissioning solar-powered projects on a massive scale across different Indian states, through its intelligence and insightful information repository would help SPI to address the challenges for the preparation of new roadmaps for ensuring the successful establishment of solar infrastructure in the target regions.

“Servotech’s cooperation and collaboration with Smart Power India would surely help us gain an edge to serve the rural communities better and drive a positive change in the society,” said Navneet Gupta, Associate Director – C&I, Smart Power India.  

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