Singularity’s SecurePass to Reduce Entry Risks

Keeps track of people entering buildings, can restrict too

BANGALORE/DELHI, Aug 08, 2020 (BNC Network) – Singularity Automation, a state-of-the-art technology company helping enterprises achieve operational efficiency through effective use of IoT, today launched SecurePass, a solution that offers app-based access control systems for facilities.

The pandemic has changed offices forever and, moving ahead, all the facilities would be required to follow strict compliances and restrictions, including how employees enter and access the workplace. Technology can help in meeting these compliances, as seen from the demand for solutions like SecurePass which offer app based access control systems for facilities. 

SecurePass can also be utilised by businesses to enforce occupancy levels in buildings and various sections or rooms inside the buildings. It has a built-in infrared people counter ensuring that when the building reaches its designated capacity, new entrants are denied access. These sensors also help in detecting tailgating, making it a full-fledged security solution.  

Akash Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of Singularity Automation Pvt Ltd, said “We are seeing a disruption across all industries, globally, due to COVID-19, and the way many of us interact with our customers has morphed overnight. Maintaining social distancing has become the utmost priority for modern buildings. SecurePass keeps track of the number of people entering the building and can send alerts/ restrict access if the total number exceeds a threshold. Our cloud platform combines multiple devices and offers a single, seamless interface to manage properties across multiple locations. Creating frictionless solutions is at the core of our business model and while our current product offered a similar technology, we have strived to adapt and evolve our solution in keeping with the current requirements.”

SecurePass is partnering with various HRMS companies used by employers to automatically cut off access to terminated employees and grant access to newly joined staff. The company is also integrating CCTV cameras from various vendors to provide a single platform for all security needs.

Singularity Automation, which owns the SecurePass brand, raised Pre series A funding in February from Ivycap ventures. The company has been working on IoT products driven by smartphone-based BLE technology in all its offerings, including Smart Locks, Contact-less Access Controls, Energy Meters, and Water Sensors, aimed at enabling greater operational efficiency at the Property Management levels. 

Lately, the Indian market is being flooded with Chinese facial recognition systems which are expensive but can easily be tricked by the use of someone’s photo. Considering employees’ smartphones are already on their person, it can act as a contactless key. SecurePass uses Bluetooth technology to establish an encrypted connection between employees’ phones and access control to grant entry to any facility.   


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