Facility managers are COVID warriors

Facility managers gear up to welcome back IT workers

Give us vaccination on priority, they tell govt

Though work from home is not affecting their productivity, prolonged work from home is also impacting their relationships.

HYDERABAD, Feb 4 (The CONNECT) -IT offices, facilities are fully geared up to welcome back employees to their workplaces, said Satyanarayana Mathala, President of Telangana Facilities Management Council (TFMC).

TFMC is a 400 members strong professional body of facilities management professionals that supervises smooth functioning of 1500 plus IT Offices in and around tri-cities of Cyberabad, Hyderabad and Secunderabad in which nearly 6.5 lakh IT employees work.

The delegation of TFMC under his leadership consisted of TFMC office bearers called on Tuesday Dr G Srinivas Rao, Director of Telangana Public Health and Family Welfare and informed him of their preparedness in welcoming back the IT employees into their offices.  “Though we are prepared, employees are not willing to come back to the office,” Mathala said.   TFMC, therefore, appealed to the government to treat the facilities management professionals including 3rd party staff- Housekeeping, M&E, security of IT facilities on par with COVID warriors and give them vaccination on priority basis. This will help give confidence to IT employees to come back to offices, he said.

Dr Rao assured of all their cooperation in winning back the confidence of the IT workforce. 

“We are working on a plan so that employees can come back to office in a phased manner. Currently just 7% to 12% staff working in the major IT parks is attending to their offices.  We would like to improve this number at least to 25%, said Mathala.

The employees though moving around freely in the city are not willing to join back in offices.  “We need to gain their confidence,” observed a TFMC office bearer.

Many companies in different industries already called back their staff. Now that schools and colleges are also open, it is time for the IT staff to turn back to their offices, he observed.

IT companies are also making a cautious start to resume office for a section of their workforce as the country is back their offices said another office bearer of TFMC. Coming back to the desk at the office would be like a treat to many now.

Though work from home is not affecting their productivity, prolonged work from home is also impacting their relationships. While some are comfortable, many are not. Although the curbs are relaxed, some IT companies are in no rush to bring employees back to offices as long as their productivity is ensured.

Some companies are also considering a rotation of teams that come into office, several other firms are even letting employees decide if they feel at ease returning to work, Mathala said.

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