T2 @Mumbai Airport Doubles Security Check-In Speed

Inauguration of Integrated Security Check-in Points

T2 @Mumbai Airport Doubles Security Check-In Speed

High-tech Integrated Security Check Point

CSMIA starts security clearance of 280 passengers per hour

MUMBAI, June 28 (The CONNECT) – In a first across Indian airports, Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has introduced an Integrated Security Check Point at Terminal 2 (T2). It will facilitate all international and domestic passengers departing through T2, undergo common security clearance at Level 04.

All the departing passengers then proceed to their respective Security Holding Area (SHA). CSMIA has been consistently working towards the adoption of solution-driven processes across the various operations throughout the airport to bring in ease of travel.

The Integrated security check point is a testament to CSMIA’s future-ready approach to airport operations and setting a precedent within the Indian aviation space, a CSMIA release said.

The unique challenges witnessed at the airport daily require solutions that not just address the task at hand but also seamlessly integrate an enhanced transit experience for the passengers. With this, both domestic and international passengers will now move through any one set of e-gates installed at 05 different locations at the pre-security check area & will be separated via validation at another set of e-gates installed post-security check.

Additionally, this technology helps with security clearance of an average of 280 passengers per hour, witnessing a twofold increase from the previous average of 130 pax per hour in the conventional system.

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