Plumm to help ‘tide’ over work-life pressure

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Plumm to help ‘tide’ over work-life pressure

Banking platform ties up with mental health service firm

Tide, has partnered with Plumm, to launch a global mental well-being platform for its employees and families.

MUMBAI, May 17 (The CONNECT) -  Prioritizing mental well-being in the new era of the hybrid workplace, the UK's leading business banking platform, Tide, has partnered with the mental health services provider Plumm, also UK-based, to launch a global mental well-being platform for its employees and their family members.

The move comes on the heels of Tide's endeavor to empower Tide employees, aka Tideans, to take control of their mental well-being and ensure they can strike a healthy work-life balance. The on-demand support not just helps combat burnout and boost team morale but focuses on the overall growth and well-being of employees and their families.

Mental well-being assumes significance as employees across geographies are grappling with burnout and struggling to maintain a work-life balance in the modern workplace. The platform will allow Tideans to cope with issues, such as workplace anxiety, and coach them on maintaining a healthy balance by compartmentalizing work and personal life. Resonating with Tide's #oneteam value, the programme will encourage supporting co-workers struggling with mental health issues. 

Tide's well-being benefits extend beyond mental health as an incidental add-on and offer preventive and personal growth care, such as one-to-one video and chat therapy with accredited therapists and live monthly workshops. The platform also includes unlimited access for employees and their families to a growing library of therapist-led psycho-educative digital courses and guided meditations.

Further enabling Tideans' to strike a work-life balance and pursue personal development through education, charity work, leisure activities, travel, or any other interests, Tide has introduced partially paid sabbatical leave for long-serving employees. The sabbatical leave may be granted more than once during a Tidean's employment.

Through this initiative, Tide has committed to bringing a stronger focus on proactive employee well-being, embracing a holistic strategy, and supporting and empowering Tideans across all their locations.

 "At Tide, we continuously solicit employee feedback and ideas about how we can make Tide a better place to work. This feedback has been essential in launching our new suite of well-being benefits that focus on the diverse needs of our global workforce, including mental well-being, financial security, and interpersonal relationships. In addition, we meet employees wherever they are, through live therapy sessions, chat therapy, on-demand courses, and live training," said Liza Haskell, company’s Chief Administrative Officer.

All conversations on Plumm are confidential and encrypted, and Tide does not receive any information on who is using Plumm and how. Furthermore, as a separate controller of employees' personal data, Plumm handles all the information in strict accordance with the applicable laws and regulations on the protection of personal data, patient confidentiality, and privacy.

Tide helps SMEs save time (and money) in the running of their businesses by not only offering business accounts and related banking services, but also a comprehensive set of highly usable administrative solutions. Tide has over 400,000 SME members in the UK (7% market share).

Tide has been funded by Apax Digital, Anthemis, Augmentum, Creandum, Goodwater, Jigsaw, Latitude, LocalGlobe, Passion Capital, SpeedInvest and The SBI Group. It employs 800+ professionals worldwide, has recently been awarded the UK Fintech Awards' ‘Banking Tech of the Year’ and is among the Sunday Times Fast Track Disruptors to Watch. Tide has a long-term ambition to be the leading business financial platform globally.

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