Peace, Ukrain’s life-saving medicine

Russia continues to fire at Ukraine

Peace, Ukrain’s life-saving medicine

WHO calls for immediate cease fire

WHO Director General Dr Tedros urged UN Security Council to work for an immediate ceasefire, and a political solution.

NEW  YORK, Mar 18 (The CONNECT) -Stressing that the life-saving medicine that Ukraine needs now is peace, UN health body has urged the Security Council to work for an immediate ceasefire, and a political solution to the crisis arising out of the Russian attack.

Addressing the UN Security Council meet on the crisis, World Health Organisation (WHO) Secretary General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that a prolonged conflict is in nobody’s interests, and will only “prolong the suffering of the most vulnerable”.

“The life-saving medicine we need right now is peace”, he said.

As if COVID is not enough, to have a devastating war like this is dangerous for the world, he pointed out.

Dr Tedros also urged all donors to support the humanitarian needs in in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, which are immense, and escalating every day.

Although Ukraine is rightly the focus of the world’s attention, the world should not lose sight of the many other crises in which people are suffering.

In Afghanistan, more than half the population is in need, with widespread malnutrition and a surge in measles, among many other challenges. In Ethiopia, the blockade of 6 million people in Tigray for almost 500 days has created a catastrophic food and health crisis. In the Syrian Arab Republic, more than 12 million people are in need of health assistance, almost half of them children, he explained.

And in Yemen, he said, roughly two-thirds of the population, more than 20 million people, are estimated to be in need of health assistance.

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