India offers help for peace efforts on Ukraine front

Thank you for this solidarity, Estonia: Zelenskyy

India offers help for peace efforts on Ukraine front

PM Modi Speaks to Ukraine Prez Zelenskyy

President Zelenskyy says “more than 100,000 invaders are on our land."

NEW DELHI, Feb 26 (The CONNECT) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke earlier today with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine.

President Zelenskyy briefed the Prime Minister in detail about the ongoing conflict situation in Ukraine. 

Modi expressed his deep anguish about the loss of life and property due to the ongoing conflict.  He reiterated his call for an immediate cessation of violence and a return to dialogue, and expressed India’s willingness to contribute in any way towards peace efforts. 

Prime Minister also conveyed India’s deep concern for the safety and security of Indian citizens, including students, present in Ukraine.  He sought facilitation by Ukrainian authorities to expeditiously and safely evacuate Indian citizens.

Zelenskyy said in his tweet that he spoke with Modi and informed him about the course of Ukraine repulsing the Russian aggression. The tweet reads: “More than 100,000 invaders are on our land. They insidiously fire on residential buildings. Urged India to give us political support in🇺🇳 Security Council. Stop the aggressor together!”

In a separate tweet, the Ukraine President appreciated Estonia President for his country’s support. “The largest demonstration in the modern history of Estonia took place in support of Ukraine. I am grateful to the Estonian people and @AlarKaris (Estonia President) for their solidarity in these difficult times.”

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