Hugely concerning – WHO on India

Frequent funerals causing concern

Hugely concerning – WHO on India

Worrying number of COVID cases, deaths

The WHO expressed huge concern over India’s COVID situation with worrying number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths.

GENEVA, May 14 (The CONNECT) - India remains hugely concerning, with several states continuing to see a worrying number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths, said WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus today said

“WHO is responding & has shipped 1000s of oxygen concentrators, tents for mobile field Hospital, masks & other medical supplies,” Dr Tedros told global media through a virtual conference.

He hastened to point out “But it’s not only India that has emergency needs. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Egypt are just some of the countries that are dealing with spikes in #COVID19 cases and hospitalisations"-He expressed concern that some countries in the Americas still have high numbers of cases and as a region, the Americas accounted for 40% of all #COVID19 deaths last week.

These countries are in heightened response mode and WHO will continue to provide support in all ways possible, he said.

COVID19 has already cost more than 3.3M lives and we are on track for the 2nd year of the pandemic to be far more deadly than the 1st. Saving lives & livelihoods with a combination of public health measures & vaccination – not one or the other - is the only way out, Dr Tedros said.

In the past 18 months, he explained, major advances have been made in the understanding of modes of transmission, epidemiological trends, clinical management, development of point of care diagnostics, treatments and a large number of vaccines.

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