Facing burnout?

Facing burnout?

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Leadership Reimagined- Making Work More Human event on March 2

MUMBAI, Feb 28 (The CONNECT) - For leaders bombarded with an infinite load of information, faced with innumerable choices, and standing on the edge of burnout themselves, Potential Project is launching a special event - Leadership Reimagined: Making Work More Human. This will be held on March 2, 2022 at 9:30 AM ET, 3:30 PM CET and 8 PM IST. 

Lately, there has been a sense that all the crises in the world are coming to a head. From health emergencies to climate change to social and political divisions, institutions at every level and in every sector have been grappling with the pressures of leadership as well as the consequences of leading.

Human beings are hardwired to want human connection and a sense of belonging, and it is evident that when we work together, we can accomplish remarkable things. It’s surprising, however, that in a society that is becoming increasingly digitally connected, we are more detached than ever.

And that is what has resulted in not only a decrease in our productivity and creativity – even if things appear to be different on the surface – but has also led to a second pandemic – a mental health one. Since the last year has brought attention to mental health to the forefront – with governments across the world launching mental health initiatives to combat this post-pandemic crisis, there is a need for workplaces to also reimagine the way we do leadership.

Potential Project is a global leadership development and consultant firm that is bringing organizations across the world to a more human understanding of work.

In this special event which will be moderated by Alyson Shontell, Editor-in-Chief, Fortune, the first woman to lead the 92-year-old business magazine, and former employee number six at Business Insider, the panel will feature:

  • Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture, who will share how she and her global HR team are creating a more human workplace for 674,000 people at Accenture. 
  • Rasmus Hougaard, Founder and CEO, Potential Project, who will share his perspectives on the changing face of leadership, drawing from his new book published by Harvard Business Review Press – Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way.  

Potential Project is excited to bring an expert team together for what’s guaranteed to be an insightful discussion. One can register for free here.  

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