Bangladesh Wrong Over Workers’ Rights

Bangladesh workrs protest - a file pic

Bangladesh Wrong Over Workers’ Rights

US Blasts Ongoing Repression, Killings

The United States says governments must uphold people’s rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining

WASHINGTON, Nov 9 (The CONNECT) - The United States has condemned the recent violence against workers in Bangladesh protesting over the minimum wage, as well as the criminalization of legitimate worker and trade union activities.

“We were saddened by the reported killing by police last week of Rasel Howlader, a 26-year-old factory worker and union member from Sommilito Garments Sramik Federation,” said State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.  

The US has also mourned the loss of Imran Hossain, a 32-year-old worker who died in a fire set by protestors inside a Dhaka factory.  “We extend our condolences to their families and the greater labour communities,” Miller said.

The US has also expressed its concern over the “ongoing repression” of workers and trade unionists and called upon the Bangladesh government to protect workers’ right to peaceful protest and investigate allegations of “false criminal charges” against workers and labour leaders.

“We commend the members of the private sector who have endorsed union proposals for a reasonable wage increase,” Miller said and urged the tripartite process to revisit the minimum wage decision to ensure that it addresses the growing economic pressures faced by workers and their families.

Governments must ensure workers are able to exercise their rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining without fear of violence, reprisal, or intimidation, the US said.

“Through our work in Bangladesh and globally, we are firmly committed to advancing these fundamental human rights,” it added.


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