Africa Too Can Go Sattvik Now

Sattvik is health - Abhishek Biswas & Craig Barlow

Africa Too Can Go Sattvik Now

Certification Scheme Launched

The launch is an effort to formulate a concise set of vegetarian and vegan requirements, Abhishek Biswas of Sattvik Council said

NEW DELHI, Sep 8 (The CONNECT) - A Sattvik Certification Scheme, in collaboration with DNV Business Assurance, has been launched for the African Market.

The Sattvik Council of India officially released the Sattvik Maritime Management Manuals, which contain Vegetarian logistics & supply chain management-I and Vegetarian cruise kitchen & hospitality management-II.

The Sattvik Maritime Management Manuals have been developed keeping in mind the current need for standards in the supply chain for vegetarian or vegan food safety and hygiene combined with traceability and accounting and considering the expectations of the stakeholders. Both DNV and Sattvik Certification SA try to get the word out about this certification programme around the world.

Craig Barlow, Food and Beverage Technical Business Development/Lead Auditor/Lead Tutor, represented DNV Business Assurance South Africa during the event in the inaugural address along with Faheem Zahid, Business Controller, DNV India Pvt. Ltd.

The launch was attended by Santosh Gangwar (Former Minister of Labour & Employment & Current Chairperson of the Committee on Public Undertakings), Arjun Ram Meghwal, Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs & Culture,  Abhishek Biswas, Founder/Secretary General, and Vagish Pathak, Chairman of Sattvik Council.

Biswas said the launch is an effort to formulate a concise set of vegetarian and vegan requirements to be used by organisations in the food and lifestyle chain covering all levels of food processors, manufacturers, restaurants, packaged food manufacturers, traders, dealers, etc. for implementation of the requirements and to be used by DNV for evaluation of such organisations for conformance to the requirements and to certify them.

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