200 Russian Attacks On Health In Ukraine, War Must Stop

200 Russian Attacks On Health In Ukraine, War Must Stop

WHO All Praise For Ukraine People’s Resilience

One medicine that WHO cannot deliver is peace, says Dr Tedros

KYIV, Ukraine, May 8 (The CONNECT) – Pointing out that there have been at least 200 attacks on health in Ukraine, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called upon the Russian Federation to stop the war immediately.

Addressing a media conference along with Ukraine Health Minister Viktor Liashko, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said last night (IST) praised the “extraordinary resilience” among the people who have suffered loss and destruction but have not given up.

“While I saw and learned of great suffering, I also saw bravery, humour, kindness and heard stories of spontaneous, often ingenious ways people have found to help and protect one another,” Dr Tedros, who himself grew up in what is war zone now, said.

He pointed out that even the UN health body’s staff, who lost their homes, fear for their families, deal with daily uncertainty, yet kept working to support the health needs of the people of Ukraine.

“Our team in Ukraine was working hard to support the country to build an ever-stronger health system before the war. And that work will continue,” he asserted.

“But there is one medicine that WHO cannot deliver, and which Ukraine needs more than any other, and that is peace,” Dr Tedros said.

“So we continue to call on the Russian Federation to stop this war,” he declared.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, WHO has delivered trauma and emergency supplies for use in over 15,000 surgeries and enough medicines and healthcare equipment to serve 650,000 people.

WHO has also provided 15 diesel generators to provide electricity to hospitals and health facilities – some in the newly accessible areas in Kyiv Oblast which I just visited this afternoon and we are handing over 20 ambulances tomorrow (Sunday).

WHO has also supported or coordinated more than 50 Emergency Medical Teams in Ukraine and neighbouring countries hosting refugees, and in past months we have trained thousands of Ukrainian healthcare providers on how to handle mass casualties

He reiterated that WHO stands with the people of Ukraine and the government. “We will do everything we can to support the Government in its efforts to treat the injured, maintain health services, and to repair and strengthen Ukraine’s health system,” he said.

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