Vantage Circle Joins Freshworks Marketplace

Vantage Circle Joins Freshworks Marketplace

To Drive Impactful HR Decisions

AI-powered employee engagement platform Vantage Circle today announced the app listing on the Freshworks Marketplace

TEXAS, USA, Sep 30 (The CONNECT) -AI-powered employee engagement platform Vantage Circle today announced the app listing on the Freshworks Marketplace to help sync employee profiles between Vantage Circle and Freshteam, Freshworks’ HR management software. This will help HR teams deliver delightful employee experiences through the Rewards and Recognition product of Vantage Circle.

The Freshworks Marketplace hosts apps built by the Freshworks developer community. These apps make use of Freshworks products and partner solutions to create delightful experiences for businesses. The marketplace enables partners to reach Freshworks customers and serve them jointly. Freshworks Inc., is a leading software company empowering businesses to delight their customers and employees. Freshteam is their modern HR management software that enables HR teams to unify digital experiences for its employees.

With the Vantage Circle on the Freshworks Marketplace, HR teams can sync data between Freshteam and Vantage Circle, avoiding the need to create employee profiles in multiple products. The integration enables HR teams to make use of Vantage Circle’s Rewards and Recognition platform within Freshteam to create delightful experiences.

Vantage Circle recognizes the importance of employee experience and incorporates ways to ease the process of retaining top talent. Freshteam has made it easy for HR teams to delight employees with an innovative approach to helping attract and retain top talent through digital channels. Organizations can now boost the morale of their employees through rewards and recognition programs.

Anjan Pathak, CTO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle, said this will help the firm continue on its mission to drive impactful HR decisions for better employee retention. The app benefits from easy to use, modern, intuitive software in the form of Freshteam and enables on-spot rewards and recognition using the power of Vantage Circle to create a better employee experience for organizations across the globe, he said.

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