Solar Alliance gets UN observer status

Solar Alliance gets UN observer status

Significant for global equitable energy solutions

Power Minister R.K Singh said the historic decision will further the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of One-Sun-One-world-one-grid

NEW DELHI, Dec 11 (The CONNECT) – The United Nations has granted grants observer status to International Solar Alliance. This is going to give impetus to One-Sun-One-world-one-grid and help in bringing equitable energy solutions to the world.

In a congratulatory tweet Union Minister for Power and MNRE R.K Singh said that the historic decision is going to be a stepping stone in furtherance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of One-Sun-One-world-one-grid.

In a tweet, Singh said that this will  provide a big boost to the initiative to bring about just and equitable energy solutions through the deployment of solar energy.

Singh also marked that this would immensely help towards achieving the goal of net-zero carbon emissions through global co-operations.

He reaffirmed that India is progressively contributing to this mission by having a significant share of RE in the power mix.

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