Hyderabad’s Paradise Biryani Surprises 50,000th Customer

Hyderabad’s Paradise Biryani Surprises 50,000th Customer

Also, Launches #DilSeThankYou Campaign

#DilSeThankYou to all Paradise Circle Members, says the brand that started with a cinema canteen in 1953

HYDERABAD, June 17 (The CONNECT) - Paradise, the world-renowned destination for authentic Hyderabadi biryani, has celebrated a milestone with its 50,000th customer with a #DilSeThankYou campaign.

The company took the 50,000th customer by surprise, when she was casually enjoying his favourite food. This was followed by cake cutting and an amazing offer, where he was gifted once a month for year-long free Biryanis.

Rakshita Reddy is the very 1st to receive this opportunity to take year-long free biryanis by Paradise.  Paradise is serving free biryanis to every loyal lover of this delicacy. This is in line with the brand’s mission to serve its customers through its #DilSeThankYou campaign, which tends to its 3.5 million loyal Paradise Circle members. Paradise, Hyderabad’s own iconic brand, had launched the campaign to celebrate the joy of giving, in the month of May 2022 and has been receiving great response across all its locations.

In June 2022, Paradise has opened the free biryani campaign for all biryani lovers beyond exclusive Paradise Circle Program. Now even, a non-paradise circle member can register on www.paradisefoodcourt.in and get a free biryani till 30th June on a minimum order value of just INR 299.

Paradise, set on raising the bar for authentic biryani, owes the campaign’s foundation to 2 intrinsic essentials – Great Food and Great Service. In under a month, over 50,000 customers have already redeemed their Free Biryani. Any Paradise customer can get enrolled at no cost, by providing their mobile number during their payment. The customer can redeem exclusive rewards by visiting any Paradise restaurant of their choice. This is an appreciative gesture for customers who are active in the Paradise Circle Loyalty Program. Any customer can choose to register in the program in Dine in channel at any point and at no cost to get a free biryani on their next Paradise purchase.

Gautam Gupta, CEO, Paradise Food Court said, “We are delighted to say #DilSeThankYou to all Paradise Circle Members with a free Biryani for showering us with their love. We now invite all biryani lovers to join Paradise Circle and get a free biryani (with conditions applicable). The exclusive Paradise Circle programme is a way for us to serve authentic Hyderabadi biryani across the world and expand our Paradise family”

In the past month, Paradise lovers have expressed immense love for this programme and the delectable biryanis it entails. Some of the other benefits the customers can reap through the programme’s membership includes a fun gem-based reward system. Along with free biryanis, one can earn 2 gems on top of every purchase valued at Rs 100 through Paradise Circle.

Back in 1953, a small Canteen and Café functioned out of a cinema hall called Paradise in Secunderabad. The Café continued its services even when the cinema shut down. The Café continued its services even when the theatre shut down. Between 1978 and 1996, the restaurant underwent an exhaustive re-structuring, renovation, and modernization program that was aimed at adapting to the changing social trends and evolving food habits of the people. Today, Paradise has expanded to multiple locations across India with being flagbearers to authentic Hyderabadi biryani and the establishment plans to take this pride to the entire world.

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