From nope to hope – new beginnings from New Year

Dr Reddy of AIG, Air Sterliser and Paridhodhana product

From nope to hope – new beginnings from New Year

Pandemic teaches many lessons in public health, say docs

Life after COVID is still unpredictable, says the WHO official Dr Anuj Sharma

HYDERABAD, Nov (The CONNECT) - It was like a soldier going to war without weapons. To add to it, WHO predictions were like our weather predictions.

This was how AIG Hospitals Founder and Chairman Dr. D. Nageshwar Reddy described the initial days of the pandemic.

“Doctors see death every day. But, what we saw during the pandemic was different. In some cases, entire families were wiped out,” he said and recalled that doctors themselves didn’t know how to deal with it. “We were frightened,” he said addressing the PHIC (Public Health Innovations Conclave) Expo 2021 yesterday.

A first of its kind in India, featuring innovation, technology and best practices in public health, the conclave is aimed at addressing the aspects of dealing with “Life after Pandemic”.

Stating that AIG hospitals treated 30,000 covid patients, Dr Reddy explained from experience that mask and social distance was more important than hand hygiene.

Public Health is very important, he said called for making public health accessible and economical. “I am optimistic about the future. By next year our lives will come back to normal. Corona may remain but it will become like a common cold. Covid is not a tragedy, but it is a teacher, it taught us many lessons,” he explained subsequently. 

Life after a pandemic is still unpredictable, said Dr. Anuj Sharma, country officer- India, the World Health Organisation (WHO).

On the criticism about the WHO predictions, Dr Sharma said it was like making recommendations on a ship under construction and that was moving as well. 

“Initially, our recommendations went wrong,” he said explained that the WHO does not make any recommendations on its own and they are based on the recommendations by the experts. When something is new and evolving chances of errors are there, he said. Antimicrobial Resistance is the new pandemic which is building now silently he warned and prescribed gave 3Ws and 2Vs for safer living which are - Wear Mask, Watch Distance and Wash Hands and the Vaccination and Ventilation.  

Dr. Ranga Reddy Burri, President of IFCAI-Infection Control Academy of India said every crisis provides significant learnings and an opportunity. I hope we do not forget and get into old routines and fail to carry these


Farm labourer’s daughter makes air steriliser

In the innovators’ corridor, a 9th class student K. Madhurima from Zilla Parishad High School from Chandanapur in Peddapalli District, showcased an Anti-Pandemic Air Sterilisation Machine by spending about Rs 1000/-. This prevents the spread of the coronavirus, she says.

This 9th class girl, a daughter of farm labour couple, developed


Jeevtronics, a startup, showcased a disruptive cardiac innovation called Defibrillator. It is the world’s first battery-less dual powered (hand cranked and grid) defibrillator. In July 2016 in one of the government hospitals in Hyderabad, 16 people died because the defibrillator did not work because of a power shortage. This has triggered the innovation, says Ashish S. Gawade, Co-founder of the Pune based startup. 

Parishodhana Technologies, a Hyderabad based MedTech product company exhibited NeoWarm, an instant warm blanket for supporting Hypothermic preemies; StayWarm a product that helps beat cold weather and helps to stay warm up to six hours; BodyWarmer and Hand Warmer keeps warm for 8 hours, Sleeping Bag Warmer that keeps warm for 10 hours; Therm Aid, a packaged heat for pain relief etc.

Evelabs displayed DRIPO, a smart infusion monitor, a wireless electronic monitor to measure and display the flow rate in gravity infusion and shares the data wireless. 

Some other innovations showcased during the three-day expo include: Contactless live patient monitoring; IoT enabled innovative ventilation system; Wearable and portable labour monitoring device; Self-sterilization of lifts; Platform for doctors to identify source & location of seizures; IoT enabled ultra-pure water compact device; India’s first FSSAI-approved “Innate Immunity Booster” device; Tele-screening diagnosing system to detect respiratory diseases; Hitech devices for keeping life-saving healthcare products; “Hint App” the first nutrition app in India and others. 

The expo features Medical Equipment, Laboratory Technology; Hospital & Surgical Products Digital Health Solutions; Real-time monitoring devices; Infection prevention and control Products; Hygiene and sanitization products; Air Sterilization and Air Purifier Products; Water Treatment and Water Purifier Products; Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) etc and others

It has 75 stalls. It has many knowledge sharing sessions of varied interest on the subject.  

Atal Incubation Centre (AIC-CCMB); Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC); T-Hub; Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad (RICH) and Aspire BioNEST, OjasMedTechBioNest are supporting the event as the incubation partners. 




life-changing learnings to our future. COVID19 also provided us with the opportunity to discover new innovative approaches for healthcare delivery to promote accessibility, availability, and affordability of quality care. 

Krishna Yedula of Society for Cyberabad Security Council termed PHIC-2021 as a congregation of innovative minds. The conclave makes sense for Facilities Management Professionals and HRs working IT offices to give them the confidence to call back their staff to offices. 

Dr. K. Shankar, Director of Preventive Medicine, Govt of Telangana said all Govt Hospitals in Telangana are equipped with oxygen pipelines. Vaccines will not protect from the virus but protect from death. By 2022 January, we will have a normal life, he said. 

Dr GVS Murthy, Director of the Indian Institute of Public Health discloses that when he was asked to remove mask and speak at the 1st PHIC Conclave last, he was hesitant. “Today, I can remove my mask and speak. That is the change from last year to this year,” he remarked. Public Health needs incubation time. Smallpox and Polio took some time to disappear. Covid also needs such time, he said. I am optimistic about life after the pandemic, he said. Indian scientists are gradually hogging the limelight globally. About 2% of the global top 500 scientists are Indians and within that 30 are from Hyderabad. Hyderabad has become a go-to place for public health in fighting against the pandemic, he added.  

 Some of the exhibitors at the expo include Tri Vector, Pratham Industries, Air Vitamin, T-Works Foundation, Trivector Biomet, Vishal Surgical Equipment, Ledchip Indus Pvt. Ltd; Alon Scott Industries Ltd and others.  

The novel and innovative products showcased include Airon range of products that eliminate viral, bacterial and fungal infections from the air.

Hyderabad based Ledchip Indus Pvt. Ltd developed Raypure harmless non-UV Light, which kills bacteria and gives light too.

Hyderabad based premier research organisation Centre for Cellular Molecular Biology (CCMB) validated the lamp stating that 95% of the Covid-19 virus is reduced in 60 minutes. According to its innovator, Vijay Gupta, Managing Director of LED chip Indus Pvt, it is the novel Non-UV Disinfection System, proven scientifically. 

Clean Shield, a Hyderabad based startup, offers one-stop shop solutions for all cleaning needs of commercial and domestic needs.  

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