75-Year-Long Pain With Hanging Abdomen Ends

Dr Patel with the patient (Right)

75-Year-Long Pain With Hanging Abdomen Ends

Lady With Umbilical Hernia Undergoes Surgery

Low birth weight and premature infants are the causes of umbilical hernia, Dr Hemant Patel of Zynova  Shalby Hospital said

MUMBAI, July 27 (The CONNECT) -  A team led by Dr Hemant Patel, General Surgeon at Zynova  Shalby Multi-specialty Hospital, successfully managed a 75-year-old woman from Mumbai diagnosed with an umbilical hernia.

The patient who complained of pain and indigestion was treated with Hernioplasty and resumed her daily routine with ease in 15 days.

Patient Indumati Pujari was detected with an umbilical hernia since birth and was in pain. She is a known case of diabetes and hypertension and was on medication for over 20 years. The patient consulted many doctors, However, the patient approached  Zynova Hospital wherein her life was saved.

Dr Patel said, "The patient lived all these years in pain and was unable to do her daily chores with ease. It was difficult for her to carry such as huge hernia. She was unable to dress properly as her abdomen was hanging. The patient's entire small intestine was in the hernia sac. After due consultation and physical examination, it was found that the patient is having a very huge umbilical hernia approx 30cm *20cm*15cm which is rare in today’s era considering how advanced medicine is today.

An umbilical hernia appears as a bulge or swelling in the belly button area and is present by birth.  Low birth weight and premature infants are the causes of umbilical hernia. After a complete investigation and fitness for surgery were taken from Dr Urvi Maheshwari.

Dr Patel explained that considering such a huge hernia which was like a second abdomen for the patient and post-surgery when the container of the sac will be reduced back to abdomen there will be a risk of the intra-abdominal compartment syndrome which is a very serious complication of the surgery. After explaining all the risks and complications, the patient was taken up for hernioplasty that lasted for around 3 hours where her entire hernia which was containing practically the whole of the small intestine in the sac was reduced back into the abdomen. And a mesh was implanted above it. The procedure went off very well without any complications and the patient was shifted to the normal ward.

Continuous monitoring was done to look for early intra-abdominal compartment syndrome and due action was taken by the team of Physician Dr Maheshwari and Chest Physician Dr Chetan Kumar Jain.

"The patient was discharged on the 6th postoperative day in July with a smiling face. Intestinal obstruction, perforation, and gangrene are some of the complications associated with hernia if left untreated. The patient is doing well and has been put on medication," Dr Patel said.

"Since birth, I have had a hernia which caused my navel area to appear larger, leading to feelings of embarrassment and a reluctance to socialize,” said Indumati. “As a child, accepting this condition was traumatic for me, but over time I learned to cope with it. I constantly feared being mocked for my appearance and unfortunately did not seek medical attention promptly. However, I consider myself fortunate to have received timely treatment at Zynova Hospital, where the doctors accurately diagnosed and treated my condition,” she said.

“I am now stress-free as my quality of life has significantly improved. I can wear clothes of my choice which was challenging before as I used to wear only loose clothes. I want to express gratitude towards the doctors for their expertise and care,” the happy patient said.

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