Instant Food, Constant Diseases

Naidu flips through ‘Live For A Legacy’

Instant Food, Constant Diseases

Venkaiah Naidu Regrets Inactive Kitchens

Cancer is not a death sentence anymore; with the latest technology, one need not worry, says former VP Venkaiah Naidu.

HYDERABAD, Nov 15 (The CONNECT) – If you eat instant food, you will get constant diseases, former Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said and stressed the importance eating indigenous food. 

He was speaking after releasing a book titled ‘Live For A Legacy’, a Perspective of a Cancer Surgeon,  Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli. The book was written as narrated to Arun Tiwari.

 “Nowadays kitchens have become inactive and people prefer instant food,” Naidu said and pointed out”: “If you eat instant food, you will get constant diseases’.

Talking about cancer, Naidu said the disease is not a death sentence anymore. With the latest technology, one need not worry.   “There are the latest technologies, competent doctors and hospitals available to treat cancer,” he said. 

Early detection, daily exercise, and eating good food are important for a healthy body and mind, he said.

Naidu advised doctors to take time out on weekends and travel to neighbourhoods and rural areas to create awareness about cancer and healthy lifestyles.  People do listen to doctors, he pointed out. 

The former Vice President said, “I am retired but not yet tired. I prefer going to meetings to get inspired””.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Chinnababu said, “we live to leave and what we leave behind will live on in the hearts of those whom we touch with our living”.

Death by Cancer has reduced by 33% in Western countries due to early detection, awareness and good technologies and medication, he said. 

 The book provides the science behind the evolution of cancer over a hundred years and leaves hope and optimism. It talks about options available for treatment and ways to contain it. 

The WHO set the Goal of Cervical Cancer Elimination by 2030 to vaccinate 90% of girls by 15 years of age against the HPV and 190 countries are signatories to the declaration.  One chapter in the book dealt with HPV Vaccine human papillomavirus.

The book deals with the purpose of life as a legacy, introduces the science behind cancer in a conscious and easy-to-understand manner, oversees present and emerging treatment scenarios and takes away the fear of the dreaded malady of cancer.

Dr. Chinnababu is a robotic cancer surgeon, researcher and social entrepreneur. He has crafted a spectrum of legacy already from cutting-edge cancer treatment to emerging bio-pharmaceutical research to mobile cancer diagnostics units in rural areas.  

Prof. Arun Tiwari is a former missile scientist, a pioneer of civilian spinoffs of defence technology in India, an earnest pupil of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India and the co-author of his autobiography Wings of Fire, celebrated as a modern classic. This is his 25th book.

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