VP Focuses On Accountability

You must be upright - Dhankar tells IRS probationers

VP Focuses On Accountability

Opacity Brings Degeneration: Dhankhar

The power of truth, transparency and being upright is impregnable, Vice President Dhankhar tells IRS probationers.

NEW DELHI, Dec 6 (The CONNECT) - Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar today emphasised the importance of transparency and accountability in the system for the progress of a nation. He said that the best way to make a person succeed is to make him accountable, and opacity is a sure way to bring degeneration.

Addressing the Officer Trainees of 75th batch of IRS officers at Upa-Rashtrapati Nivas, the Vice President said that India is rising as never before and bold governance reforms along with increased use of technology have made the system fair and transparent. “An ecosystem has been created wherein the ideals enlisted in the preamble of Indian constitution are being materialized,” he added.

Exhorting the Officer Trainees to be part of India’s growth story, Dhankhar asked them to be firm and fearless. At the end of day, power of truth, transparency and being upright is impregnable, he told the young probationers.

Praising the Government’s approach of ‘more governance and less government’, the Vice President said the greatest happiness and satisfaction lies in giving back to society and serving the people.

P. C. Mody. Secretary General -Rajya Sabha and Nitin Gupta, CBDT Chairman, were also present at the event.

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