NIC Job Offer? Fake SMS Making Rounds

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NIC Job Offer? Fake SMS Making Rounds

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Beware of a potential financial fraud, warns NIC

NEW DELHI, Nov 4 (The CONNECT) - A text message making rounds purportedly NIC - National Informatics Centre – offering jobs has turned out to be fake.

The NIC received information about a fake SMS – short message service - with a job offer, masquerading in the name of NIC being circulated amongst the general public. The NIC Team carried out an immediate internal investigation and identified that the fake SMS was NOT sent from NIC’s infrastructure.

NIC Team swiftly coordinated with telecom service providers to investigate and identified that the fake SMS had been sent through a private SMS service provider’s infrastructure.

Considering the fact that the fake SMS was misusing NIC’s name, was a cyber incident and could also involve a potential financial fraud, NIC promptly reported the incident to CERT-In and also registered a complaint with Law enforcement agencies for identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators of this fake SMS. Cert-In immediately coordinated with concerned intermediary for taking out the fraudulent URL.

NIC warns the people to be cautious of such fake SMS, and report such fraudulent SMS to and

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