Delhi eye on green violations in Maharashtra

Mangrove destruction under JNPT - Yet, Port in denial mode

Delhi eye on green violations in Maharashtra

Close watch on wetland, mangrove killings

The PMO is directly analysing various complaints related to environment violations such as destruction of wetlands and mangroves

NAVI MUMBAI: The Centre is keeping a close watch on developments related to environment violations in Maharashtra, including in and around the Uran area.

The interest arises out of the fact that the complaints of violations raised by environmentalists have created national interest in view of the mega projects being executed, intelligence sources said.

Environment is a State subject and the Centre does not want to be seen violating principles of Federalism, the sources said and explained that the Union Government is quite concerned with the environment which is very close to the PM’s heart.

The Prime Minister’s Office is directly analysing various complaints related to environment violations such as destruction of wetlands and mangroves. Being an environment lover and as a leader who committed on global platforms himself to check carbon emissions and protect greenery and biodiversity, PM Narendra Modi feels it important to monitor large projects and largescale violations associated with them, the sources said.

The Union Home Ministry is also keeping a tab on the violations and the law and order related issues such as threats from certain goons to government officials and environmentalists. “Amith Shah is quietly watching and don’t be surprised if there are some actions from the Centre,” the sources said.

Apart from the Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA), other projects that are under watch are the JNPT SEZ, the Karanja Port, the Navi Mumbai SEZ, the sources said.

JNPT falls under the Shipping Ministry, while the SEZ falls under Union Commerce Ministry. NMSEZ has already been de-notified but the fact that the security guards had stopped the highly respected BNHS from doing its research has not gone down well with the Centre.

Environmentalist groups such as NatConnect Foundation have directly communicated to the Prime Minister directly on destruction of wetlands that could have a direct impact on the flights at the NMIA. The Environment Ministry has also stepped in and asked the Inspector General of Wetlands to look into the complaints.

In another development, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Control also asked its Maharashtra counterpart, the wetland authority in particular, to look into complaints of blocking tidal water flow to NRI and TS Chanakya wetlands which are listed under the National Wetland Inventory Assessment. Activist Sunil Agrawal of Save Navi Mumbai Environment group has drawn the Centre’s attention to this aspect.

Apart from keeping a watch on complaints and media coverage, the PMO and the Home Ministry keep getting intelligence inputs, the sources said.

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