India No 1, Globally; Telangana No 1 in India

Jayesh Ranjan, Yvon Guillaume, Dasari Balaiah, Kapil Kaul, Ram Kumar, Purnachandar Rao @ IACC event

India No 1, Globally; Telangana No 1 in India

Youngest State Offers Best Investment Option, Govt Official

Investors are happily expanding their operations in Telangana, state official Jayesh Ranjan said.

HYDERABAD, Aug 31 (The CONNECT) – While India has emerged as the best global investment destination, Telangana offers the best of the country, said Jayesh Ranjan, State Principal Secretary, said.

Speaking to a gathering of Indo-American bilateral trade professionals last evening, Jayesh Ranjan said explained that “we have an aggressive neighbour (read as China) whose leadership behaves erratic, they become hyper yet times. Taiwan, which plays a very important role in moving the supply chain across the globe, is under constant threat from China.  No one knows when the Ukraine and Russia war will end. The UK is reeling under an energy crisis like never before.

Given this state of world affairs, it is an opportune time for India to emerge as a viable alternative, he said.

India's story is different he said and added that we have 28 Indias within the country.  The country was perceived to be a difficult country to do business in.  But, things have changed. “We opened doors to foreign investments. We have become an industry-friendly nation’” he said and observed, “and Telangana, the youngest state in India, offers the best of India”. 

The State has a progressive industrial policy in place, and the experience of the investors has been very good.  The 20 plus American companies who started with small investments in Telangana found going was good and they are repeating their investments, Jayesh told his audience.

Earlier, Yvon Guillaume, Acting Consul General, US Consulate General, Hyderabad said his country enjoyed a strong diplomatic relationship with India, bilateral engagement and partnership with Telangana and IACC. The trade between the two countries increased eightfold in 2 decades and now stands at 159 Billion US $.  Indians have invested 12.7 bn US  $ in the United States of America.

Nearly 2 lakh Indians are studying in the USA currently. These students contributed $ 7.7 billion to the US economy last year.

Telangana remains a choice for investments for many companies.

Dasari Balaiah, Regional Passport Officer said with the world is opened up, the demand for passports and visas has gone up. There is a one-month waiting period for the passport interview.  From 3rd September we will also work on Saturdays to facilitate police clearance certificates.

Kapil Kaul, National President of IACC said the Indo-US bilateral relationship is hundreds of years old.  The first American Consulate was opened in Kolkata way back in 1792. It is one of the oldest American Consulates anywhere in the world, and the oldest in India. He also announced that he would be leading a 60-member IACC delegation to the USA next month.

IACC chapter honoured two of its senior members in recognition of their outstanding service. One of them is Subba Rao Pavuluri, a Hyderabad-based space entrepreneur and CMD of Anant Technologies.

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