Vice Prez Focus On Transparency & Accountability

Vice Prez Focus On Transparency & Accountability

Must for Democracy & Economy to Flourish

Business and industry leaders should take a proactive role in India’s mission to become Atma Nirbhar, Jagdeep Dhankhar said

NEW DELHI, Sep 20 (The CONNECT) – Democracy and economy flourish when transparency and accountability are reflected at each stage in a governance system, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar said.

Inaugurating the 49th National Management Convention of the All -India Management Association (AIMA), Dhankhar said “India is counting on its entrepreneurial generation to drive economic growth by creating new enterprises, new jobs, new exports and new solutions to the developmental problems”.

Expressing confidence about Indian industry’s competence and efficiency, he called upon business and industry leaders to take a proactive role in India’s mission to become Atma Nirbhar.

The Vice President stressed that the industry has a “crucial responsibility of catalysing qualitative upliftment of the farm sector too”. “If the Indian farmer progresses, India progresses”, he said.

Underlining the various initiatives by the government to upskill and “making India's enterprises and workforce world class”, he called upon the industry to take responsibility in promoting and upgrading the workforce with the latest skill sets.

Lauding India’s start-up sector as one of the best in the world, Shri Dhankhar observed how “digital entrepreneurs are beginning to appear even in small towns and rural areas”. He added that India’s rich human resources are recognised globally, and that they need to be further harnessed to maximise India’s advantage on the world stage.

The Vice President noted that India is poised to become one of the three largest economies by the end of the decade and how a series of systemic reforms taken by the government in the last few years has improved the ease of doing business.

The Vice President presented Fellowships of AIMA to Vijay Kelkar, former Chairman, Finance Commission of India, Raman K Garg, IRS, and Harsh Pati Singhania, former President, AIMA.

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