Aggressive growth - CEO Jairam Sridharan

Piramal Finance For Used Cars, 2-Wheelers Too

Growth Focus On Small Towns

Piramal Retail will be present in 50 towns & cities in 3 months, said CEO Jairam Sridharan.

MUMBAI, Apr 15 (The CONNECT) - Piramal Retail Finance today announced the launch of its expanded multi-product retail financing platform foraying into two-wheeler and used car segments, focusing  on small and mid-town India.

Piramal Retail now offers seven products in its target markets – Affordable Housing loans, Mass Affluent Housing loans, Loans Against Property, Secured Small Business Loans, Purchase Finance, Unsecured loans, and Used-Car loans. 

The company, part of Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Ltd, a subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises Limited,

Is also entering into partnerships with various participants in the tech ecosystem, servicing customer needs in these geographies. By Q4 of FY21, Piramal has gone live with two Fintech partnerships – one each in the space of Purchase Finance by partnering with ZestMoney and Used Car Financing under partnership with CARS24. With a ‘Digital at its Core’ strategy, the Piramal platform offers a quick and  easy way for Consumer Tech companies to offer financing solutions to their customers, at scale.

Jairam Sridharan, Chief Executive Officer, Piramal Retail Finance said, “Our core target market is the budget customer of Bharat.  For this customer, Housing Finance remains a very important financial need.  However, they have a wide variety of other needs as well – to expand their business, to buy a second-hand car, etc. Availability of credit for these highly underserved segments has been limited. Piramal Retail Finance’s expanded multi-product platform aims to serve these diverse needs and contribute to the growth story of Bharat.”

Over the last year, Piramal Retail has grown its on-ground presence significantly, now covering 40 locations across the country, with a mix of large and small towns.  The geographic growth plans continue with 10 new locations all set for opening in the next three months.  The employee base of Retail Finance has expanded correspondingly as well, doubling to 1,000 amidst the COVID pandemic.

“We have blessed to have a successful year FY21, building our tech platform, doubling our employee base, tripling our geographic footprint and tripling our number of product offerings.  We are looking forward to investing more in our retail businesses in the coming year, including active integration of any successful acquisitions.”

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