Creating Business Leaders - BLL's Mission 50 on June 21

A unique platform called BLL – Business Leadership League – is being promoted in Navi Mumbai. BLL’s Business Strategic Adviser Dr. Nitin Parab chats with BizNews about the initiative and its maiden event on June 21. Dr Parab is also the CEO – Crosslink International, an  Evangelist, apart from being author of 3 Leadership Books

What is the idea behind BLL?

·Business Leadership League is a business collaboration and a knowledge sharing forum for business leaders across Mumbai. The objective is to create an exclusive community of business owners who believe collaborations and partnerships are the new age business mantras . This is a first of its kind business movement designed to support the business owners to partner, support and identify business opportunities in Navi  Mumbai and also look into the possibilities of exploring Global markets

What are the details of the event planned for June 21? - topics/speakers/duration of the meet

· The plenary session will have the CIDCO CEO and the MIDC CEO along with Dr. Mukesh Batra as the keynote speaker . There will be 4 distinct sessions.

·Talent in the new age- Disruptive Technology- Going Global - Art of Marketing. bisides this we shall have Leadership Gurukul by people who created  brands from nothing

Do you feel that the MSMEs have the potential to go global? If yes i which areas?

·MSMEs in Manufacturing, Chemicals, Logistics, Plastics ,Electrical and electronics have great potential

Can you draw any parallels from abroad on MSMEs successfully going global?

·We are associating with Trade councils and Country trade commissioners to have the global perspective

What are the future plans of BLL?

To have an ongoing hand held exercise to create global enterprises and to help MSMEs to grow their business multifold. This then becomes an exclusive group of business owners based out of Navi Mumbai who will be out to create a mark and leave behind a legacy. This event will help them to create a business roadmap.  Deep insights will be provided by knowledge domain  experts on a regular basis even after the event is over. We shall help the participants with their global connect. Subsequently we will open up other districts like  Pune, Nashik, Nagpur,Aurangabad, Kolhapur etc;

Your USP?

·Every participant who is a business owner, CXO will undergo a Behavioral test that will make them understand their business mind and their leadership quotient there by able to lead their enterprises more effectively

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