Combonation Targets Perfect 10

Combonation Targets Perfect 10

Combonation Targets Perfect 10

Offering low prices without compromising on quality, says Saurabh Nanda, founder of Combonation

NEW DELHI, Nov 19 (The CONNECT) - Combonation, the country's first combo-deal destination, is strengthening its offline presence with the opening of a fifth store in Amritsar. The company plans to open five more stores in the coming months, including in Chandigarh, Ludhiana, and Jalandhar.

The new Combonation store has been developed in collaboration with the brand's partner, Bille Di Hatti, with the aim of covering the entire state of Punjab.

Combonation stores offer predefined combinations while also allowing customers to create their own combinations. In a pre-defined combo, professionals from various industries, such as beauty, gifting, leather, and others, have come together to provide their skills and create a combo for consumers at unbelievable prices through great buys and a special sourcing method. The predefined combos are a mix of three to five odd goods and have been professionally put together by experts in the field. Without affecting the prices of individual products, the company offers these packages with significant discounts.

The second popular Combonation format that is becoming increasingly popular with customers is the Make-Your-Own-Combo model, which allows customers to choose from more than 200 products from leading national and international brands, including cosmetics, skincare products, perfumery items, gift items, faux leather, gourmet products, and health and wellness products. Combonation offers a unique shopping experience as customers can create their own product combinations.

Since the winter season in India is synonymous with the wedding season, the store offers a separate section for wedding gifts and paraphernalia to cater to all your needs.

In addition to the ability to create your own combinations, another major attraction of Combonation is its discount. As a part of the launch offer, customers can purchase combination items ranging from INR 1,000 to INR 20,000 and receive additional discounts of 25% to 100%, depending on the final amount.

Saurabh Nanda, founder of Combonation, said,  one might think one have to be a wholesaler to offer such low prices on such a wide selection of luxury goods, “but we have done, that too it without sacrificing service or quality”.

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