American Kerdia tech O2 sensors for Napino Auto

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American Kerdia tech O2 sensors for Napino Auto

Companies ink tech transfer agreement

Kerdea's technology helps in reducing emission levels and increases fuel efficiency, offering a significant cost advantage

MUMBAI, Dec 14 (The CONNECT) - Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd has announced partnership with Kerdea Technologies Inc. a US based company with proprietary O2 Sensor (resistive technology). The licensing partnership will see the transfer of technology to Napino. Oxygen sensor will cater to the needs of the Indian automobile industry in BS -6 regime and the upcoming OBD2 norms.

Kerdea's technology helps in reducing emission levels and increases fuel efficiency, offering a significant cost advantage. It allows detection and control of engine misfire. Sensors have higher reliability with a full 360-degree mounting flexibility. This will result in considerable reduction in size of catalytic convertor and related cost saving.

Vaibhav Raheja, Joint Managing Director, Napino, said, "This licensing partnership will further augment our capabilities in the sensors for automotive application. Kerdea’s technology coupled with manufacturing capabilities of Napino group will provide OEMs with technologically robust products while being cost effective. With the rollout of OBD-2 norms by 2022-23, O2 sensors will see robust demand with increased application across vehicle segments.”

Napino Group has always envisioned serving the national and international markets with sustainable products offerings to its customers. O2 sensors will complement our Electronic Fuel Injection solution and which is core to Napino’ s vison of offering sustainable mobility solution, as this will increase the overall fuel efficiency of engine.

Naveen Kumar, Group CEO, Napino commented, "We at Napino recognize the need to build sustainable mobility solutions. Our partnership with Kerdea is geared to build a revenue stream, which is both scalable and profitable. We are confident that O2 sensor from Kerdea, which deploys path-breaking resistive technology, will meet customer requirement. The innovative product will lead to significant improvement in fuel efficiency."

Dr. Doug Carnes, CEO, Kerdea Technologies commented, Napino’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer service complements Kerdea’s technological platform and the future it brings to the Indian and worldwide automotive industry. Working in tandem and partnership, Napino and Kerdea will be providing OEMs with an O2 technological revolution that benefits manufacturers and customers. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Napino, Carnes said.

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