Coffee Pe Global Charcha

Unveiling the WCC Logo with Bopanna (3rd from right)

Coffee Pe Global Charcha

5th World Coffee Conf from Sep 25 in Silicon Valley of India

Tennis ace Bopanna to be brand ambassador for the event with the theme - Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture

BENGALURU, Aug 1 (The CONNECT) – the 5th World Coffee Conference (WCC) and Expo will be held here from September 25 to 28 with the theme- “Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture".

Rohan Bopanna, India’s No.1 Doubles Tennis Player & Arjuna Awardee, will be the brand ambassador.

International Coffee Organization (ICO), in collaboration with the Coffee Board of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Karnataka State Government, will organise the event

"Karnataka is undoubtedly the Coffee capital of India, with a rich heritage of producing some of the finest coffees in the world,” said Dr. S. Selvakumar, Principal Secretary of the Karnataka Commerce & Industries Department. There is tremendous opportunity for investments across the coffee value chain- from bean to cup right from equipment companies, coffee machines, soluble coffees brands as well café chains. This in turn leads to increased employment opportunities for our talent from farm to cafes. Therefore, we are privileged to be the Host State for this event, he said.

Previous editions of the conference were successfully held in England (2001), Brazil (2005), Guatemala (2010), and Ethiopia (2016), receiving immense appreciation from coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Dr. K.G. Jagadeesha, CEO and Secretary - Coffee Board of India, said “WCC 2023 is being organized for first time Asia and it is set to bring immense benefits to coffee farmers in India. By promoting Coffees of India on the global stage, the event will create new opportunities and markets for these farmers. Moreover, the conference will feature global speakers addressing pressing issues related to circular economy and regenerative agriculture.

Overall, WCC 2023 holds great promise for the Global coffee sector, especially the Indian coffee industry fostering growth and sustainable practices while showcasing its rich coffee heritage to the world.”

Delegates and exhibitors from across 80 countries are expected to attend the event that  is expected to draw over 10,000 business visitors, providing an excellent opportunity for networking and fostering connections among coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses.

Bopanna, said, his life is a unique blend, bridging the realms of being a coffee planter’s son and a professional tennis player. Growing up amidst the scenic beauty of Coorg's coffee plantations, Bopanna said, he has forged a deep connection with coffee while pursuing his tennis career.

The participants will include ICO Member Country Representatives, Coffee Growers, Coffee Roasters, Coffee Curers, Farm to Cup Industry, HORECA, Café Owners, Coffee Nations, Policy Makers, Start-Ups, R&D and Students.

With over 200 B2B meetings, the event will offer a platform for forging partnerships and collaborations in the coffee sector. All in all, this event promises to be an exciting and enriching experience for anyone passionate about coffee.

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