Healthy Snacks For Your Mother

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Healthy Snacks For Your Mother

From energy bar to laddoo

Cards and flowers are a cliche now, try these healthy snacks.

There is that one person in our life who constantly looks after our health and fitness. How about we give them some rest and look after their needs for once? Yes, we are talking about mothers. For Mother’s Day, we are sure you must be looking for some gift suggestions. Cards and flowers are a cliche now.  Mom deserves to be treated like a queen, so why not start her day by pampering her with Mother’s Day brunch and a basket full of healthy snacks. Take a look at these 5 products we have listed for your special lady.

Energy Bar

New moms are always on their toes, constantly running from one room to another trying to manage all the tasks along with their baby. They definitely need a lot of energy for multi-tasking and they can get it from Phab’s energy bars. These are delicious, and  preservative free and most importantly provide a natural boost of energy, hence is a perfect fit for new moms. It is a pack of 12 energy bars and comes in a variety of flavors. You can order here

Protein Powder

With great taste comes great responsibilities. Enjoy the ultimate protein-rich snack pack by Paper Boatfor everyday health needs made with premium ingredients. It is a combination of Roasted Classic, Absolute Health and Protein Powder. A super snack that will give you everything your body needs from high protein to dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Grab your pack immediately from here.


Cookies are everyone's favorite. Be it a small kid or an elderly. And when cookies come in different flavors what better than that? Surprise your mom with the goodness of Snackible’s Best Sellers & Assorted Mini Cookies on their special day. Preferred by many, the box contains a pack of dark chocolate cookies and peanut butter nankhatai.  Wait no more and order the gift box for your mom here


Crafted in small batches just like our grandmothers made, we bring to you a box of assorted jams made with hand picked fruits, organic cane juice sugar, organic citrus, and organic spices. Taste the quality in each bite, and also gift it to your mother, ordering from here.


No one makes ladoo better than our mothers, but here we bring to you a box of better ladoo in vanilla and Cacao flavor by Eat Better. A nutty chocolate taste followed by hints of vanilla. Made with ingredients that are rich in minerals, nutrients, and fibers that gives one the power to get more done. The dates and nuts in the laddoos release natural sustained energy making one feel refreshed and energized. You may order from here.